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Wonder Woman (2017)

  • Adventure Fantasy War
  • An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man in the grips of the First World War to confront the forces of evil and bring an end to human conflict.



    Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when a pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0451279/

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    Wonder Woman (2017) download

    Wonder Woman (2017) download

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    I'd just like to thank Patty Jenkins for making a DCIThoughtSheWasWithUniverse movie that wasn't fucking garbage. If I'm being completely honest, the two people I went to the cinema to watch _Wonder Woman_ with and I did spend the next two hours after coming out of our screening discussing the various problems with the movie, but we also all agreed on one thing: We still loved it. Maybe it's just the rose-coloured glasses of comparison, but I had an excellent time with _Wonder Woman_, and I'm excited to go back to the cinema and watch it, at least one more time. It's the first time I've said that about a DC movie since _The Dark Knight Rises_. _Final rating:★★★½ - I strongly recommend you make the time._

    **The First Great DCEU Film** This film is the origin story of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), who was first introduced in Batman v. Superman last year. She is born and trained on Themyscira, the hidden island where the powerful warrior women known as the Amazons live. One day, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), an American World War I spy, crashes off the coast of Themyscira and is rescued by Diana and the two team up to take down Ares, the God of War, and the Germans, who are developing a very deadly form of mustard gas. There are fantastic action sequences in this film, especially by Gal Gadot. It's amazing to see her single-handedly storm the German front, inspiring the Allies to fight with her. Gadot takes over from the legendary Linda Carter and makes the role her own. She has great chemistry with Pine. They are complete equals in this film. It's refreshing to see the female lead in a superhero film not be the love interest. The only negative part of the film are the lackluster villains. Hopefully, Wonder Woman will have more formidable foes in future films.

    **DC Hits A...Bunt. But compared to the strikeouts, a bunt seems impressive.** Wonder Woman had some things working for it--things other comic book movies have faltered on. But it had a lot of things not working for it too. The result is an average median between what works and what doesn't. While the film is spectacular within the struggling DCEU, as a stand alone film it's mediocre at best. Diana's origin story--how she came to be and how she came to be a super hero was refreshing. It showcased the world of the Amazon warriors. It was unique in the often cookie-cutter super hero origin stories. Patty Jenkins did a good job of framing it, but I think the character's origin story dating back to the comics has always been unique in comparison to other super heroes. The result is that the first third or so of the movie is satisfying--despite dull performances from Gal Gadot and Chris Pine (who had zero chemistry as a couple). But once we leave the confines of the island and enter the real world, the movie becomes hit or miss. WWI (that's right, WWI now, not WWII. The reason for the change in setting is never apparent) London is portrayed in a way that is almost a distraction. Yes, the world isn't white washed; diversity is a thing--a wonderful thing at that. But DC's version of Captain America's Howling Commandos consist of an Arab and an American Indian. Diversity for diversity's sake becomes distracting--especially when paired with a low-rent Simon Pegg whose soul function is being a deadly sniper who never fires his weapon (that's helpful on a top-secret mission behind enemy lines). It's almost as if the movie telegraphs all of these unnecessary plot hiccups to remind you that this is a super hero film, and no matter how much the mortal humans fail, it will all be okay because the super hero will save the day. The dialogue can be clichéd at times, and the final theme of the movie--one of love conquering all and the acknowledgement that, overall, mankind is good, is laughable in it's amateur preachiness. But what the film lacks in substance and script, it makes up for in the visuals. I found the action sequences to be great fun. Heavily stylized "Matrix-style" fight scenes seem right at home in a film about super hero Gods. The freeze frames worked too--as fight sequences froze in over-the-top super hero poses that harkened back to the source material's comic book roots. The final confrontation between Wonder Woman and Ares--while dragging on a little long--was well done, being one of the few super hero movie climaxes that delivered. While aspects of the movie were so similar (Hell! Identical!) to Captain America: The First Avenger, I actually felt embarrassed for the filmmakers, I did come away thinking this was the movie Captain America should have been. It succeeded in places where Captain America failed miserably. The movie is entertainment--pure, fun, pop-corn-gobbling entertainment. In that realm, it succeeds and succeeds well. But as a piece of cinematic art, it falls flat on its face with too many plot holes, script inconsistencies, clichés and mediocre acting. Wonder Woman will be an important movie for both the DCEU and the summer of 2017. But it lacks the magic and staying power of Nolan and Donner's contributions to DC comics' films.

    I like the portrayal of the Greek/Amazonian myth; the part where Chris Pine is naked; the part where Wonder Woman overturns the tank; and the post-battle dance scene with her and Steve Trevor, and that's it. This could be mistaken for a mediocre, melodramatic, cheesy TV movie. Visually, it's less interesting than any of the other nu-DC fare; I never thought I'd miss Zach Snyder's sensibility but I did in this flick. Storywise, it may be a step up from the rest of the DCEU, but it still barely rivals the worst of the Marvel movies. Gal Gadot can't act, and Chris Pine couldn't make the clunky dialogue sound not ridiculous. Wonder Woman is tolerable. That's more than can be said for the other nu-DC movies but it's not a compliment.

    I quite enjoyed this movie. When I learned that Zack Snyder had his fingers in it I got a worried since he recently wrote such atrocities as Batman vs Superman and sure enough the story is a really the weakest part of the movie. A typical nonsensical, unintelligent, Hollywood story/script were you are better off putting your brain in idle when watching it. However it makes up for this with cool special effects and, surprisingly, quite enjoyable characters. This is definitely a movie that you watch for the sake of the special effects. Well, if you are a male teenager you might also be watching it to drool over Gal Gadot of course (I have to admit that she is hot). There is not too much to say about the plot. Our Amazon hot chick discovers that there is a war going on and goes out to stop it. Since she has been overly protected by her guardian she is amazingly clueless about life outside of her little island. Especially aspects involving men. Something which creates some funny moments as well as some embarrassingly silly ones. This, Diana’s gradual evolution where she not only is learning about life but also discovers her considerable powers, is one of the enjoyable aspects of the movie though. It is of course also one of the dummer aspects of the movie. How the f… could the Amazon Queen race Diana to be so ignorant about everything? Another not so enjoyable part of the movie is the ludicrous scenes where the britts are trying to obtain peace at all costs as well as the stereotypical portrayal of Ludendorff as some megalomaniacal, half crazy war-mongerer. This was just dumb. I guess Zac Snyder just picked the name out of some history book without bothering to read up on the character. Typical lack of intelligence and respect, a la Hollywood, for anything outside of their, very limited, sphere of knowledge. Well, at least Danny Huston did a pretty decent job of the shitty role he was given. So did most of the rest of actors. I definitely liked Gal Gadot as Super Woman but then, although I am not a teenager, I am still a male so maybe I am biased when it comes to her? I definitely liked the special effects. The showdown at the end was great as far as I am concerned and the rest not bad either. They could have been even better though if it would not have been so obvious that the Germans where mostly incompetent extras waiting for Wonder Woman to show off her gymnastics and slow motion abilities. Come on, even superhero special effects should make some pretense of being “realistic” superhero special effects. The movie is definitely aimed at the young adult segment. Unfortunately it do not seem to know what it is aiming for. Sometimes it is almost adult, sometimes it is late teen and sometimes just so bloody TV-show silly that you’re wondering if it is aiming for even pre-teens. Anyway, regardless of its faults I did enjoy my 2+ hour spent on this movie. Enough to give it a 4 out of 5 rating

    **The Amazonian princess Diana's quest-come-self-discovery!** From all the superhero films, this was one of the most anticipated. Mainly because of the woman oriented theme. People were desperate to see the solo woman superhero. Today, we have the great visual effects technology, that anything can be possible to bring on to the screen. And actress like Gal Gadot, even better it gets. Yes, it was a wonderful film. A simple storyline, but a well made film. The Amazonians who are cut off from the rest of the world, is preparing for the battle if Ares returns. All these years nothing has happened, but one day a fighter pilot crash on the cost of their island. Then the princess embark a journey back with him to find, and end the Ares threat forever. But she only ends up in the WWII, and what happens in the following sequence are the rest of the film. Who would have done a better job than Patty Jenkins. She nailed it, and so set to direct the sequel too. Even the supporting cast was good. DC's visuals always high standards and so this one. Action sequences too amazing. There's lots of changes in the character, as well as in everything. Firstly a nice superhero costume. And connections like Diana's father, the island, all pretty nicely written out. The DC universe just got extended. I can't wait to see 'Justice League'. **8/10**


    1 year ago

    I was looking forward to a badass female lead superhero movie. For the most part that's what I got. Unfortunately for most of the movie it felt like Diana was just acting like a stubborn teenager that knows better than everyone else, ignoring even seemingly simple requests by her supposed partner in action. I get that some of this may have been on purpose to show her naivety to how this world behaves or her vigor to help make a positive difference or the idea that I don't need a man to tell me what to do, or maybe just played for comedic effect to some extent. I don't know. But it just put me off a little. Like this guy is clearly trying to help, can you just listen to him for one second? Also really played up the romance angle more than I expected for what I thought was supposed to showcase the strong independent woman. By the end of the film she seems to have grown and hopefully will be less irritating in the future. Rant finished. Overall I thought it had good story, acting, action and effects.

    1 year ago

    I admit when people rave about a movie, it usually means I'll hate it, but when my sister convinced me to see it because it was an origin story, I was like 'ok'. It was SO BORING. First of all, it was tooted as this big feminist film, which It was not. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a hopeless romantic and this is not necessarily a bad thing. But if your intention is to empower women and the best thing about the film is the romance between steve and Diana, you went wrong somewhere. I had absolutely no interest in any of the plot and basically suffered through all the war scenes. The twist at the end was cool I guess, and it was cute to watch Diana navigate outside her element, but once was definitely enough for this movie.

    1 year ago

    Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see WW on HBOGo already, I was like, "Hey, I kinda wanted to see this!" But after watching it, I can see why it's out there already. I got a chuckle out of other reviews that keep talking about fighting Nazis...never mind that this movie was set in WW I, so no Nazis, people, sorry. Yeah, there were problems with the plot, and the acting could have been better, but my biggest problem with the film was the lack of character development and the historical inaccuracies. The vehicles (motorcycle especially) and aircraft, clothing, speech, everything - wouldn't even have passed muster for a WW II film, let alone one set in WW I.From the previews I had high hopes for this movie, and I really liked Gal Gadot as WW, but the movie overall was just 'meh'. I watched it and actually made it through to the end (unlike a few other reviewers) but I did find myself glancing at my watch more often than usual.So yeah, there have been better superhero movies, but there have sure been worse ones, too. I'd say this one is worth a watch if you can get past the somewhat flat acting and directing. But definitely not one to go out of you way to see.

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    I really enjoyed this movie and thought Patty Jenkins did an amazing job. DCEU movies in my opinion haven't been that great, but I think this one is a lot better than the others. It was cool to finally see a good female superhero movie. Even though Gal Gadot's acting isn't stellar in my opinion, I think she's really charming and fit the roll nicely. I watched this in a history through film class for WWI, so we looked at comparisons during the battle scenes with gases, trenches, etc. Although their isn't a magical pill you break open to give you super-human strength in real life, some of the other stuff was pretty accurate. I haven't seen other work directed by Patty Jenkins, but I'm hoping the next Wonder Woman installment will be just as good.


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