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  • Windows 10 Pro v.1709 En-US (64-bit) ACTiVATED-HOBBiT
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Avister16 10 months ago

If anyone download and installed this,then pls give a feedback.......is this working properly??

Adem940 10 months ago

I am thinking of downloading too, so yeah, feedbacks are appreciated :v

SpecterGray 10 months ago

setup failed to validate product key...how do i bypass this?

Adem940 10 months ago

well, I guess we still need kms activator for this if product key gives error..

navi2 10 months ago

@Adem940 Can kms activator activate the windows permanently.. I want to be your friend for pc help....

Adem940 10 months ago

@navi2 I use kms for years, never had problem with activating my windows.

xHOBBiTx 10 months ago

@Adem940 @SpecterGray: You do not need to use any product keys, just boot and install (There are no errors) Here is a video proof from this ISO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWHLCwYlrfQ @navi2: KMS activate the windows forever, it activate it for 6 months and renew the activation automatically every time the activation expire let me know if you have any questions, have a nice day guys :)

Adem940 10 months ago

I just downloaded this and installed, can confirm it is already activated, no need to use any activator, it is working well, thanks for the upload Hobbit :)

7mmSniper 10 months ago

Thnx! Been looking for this for a while.

kalegana 10 months ago

doing to download now. give you guys he feedback once i install it and pic kabout..

AgentScully 10 months ago

I could not get this to install anything. Nothing in the list - it is blank. Used many different entry methods via a USB stick.

Adem940 10 months ago

@AgentScully I used Windows USB/DVD Download Tool to put this into my usb flash drive and installed windows without a problem.

kalegana 10 months ago

I installed it today.Thank you very much. this works perfectly. it was pre-activated. also i did some OS updates and activation held well.

ksanket96 10 months ago

Getting speed equal to zero, please seed the torrent fellas, want to download this torrent, and thanks for latest build of Win 10 HOBBiT :)

vnlima 10 months ago

Do I need to extract the files here and create a new, bootable iso? Or can I just burn this to a DVD? And is there a recommended write speed?

xHOBBiTx 10 months ago

@vnlima just burn it on a DVD, this recommended and leave the write speed as default

mdwakel 10 months ago

perfect thanks

foxxman3333 10 months ago

Hobbit pls can i get apps from store with this without errors

SW0505 10 months ago

Can this be installed over win 10 home without losing installed apps?

konijnfiets 10 months ago

Burned this ISO to a USB Drive and installed it on my new SSD. The installation went smooth and it was indeed already activated. If there is something like a perfect torrent, this could be it.

xHOBBiTx 10 months ago

@foxxman3333: Yes, you can download apps from the store without any errors. @SW0505: actually i have never tried this before, i will check the upgrade from home to pro and let you know :)

kaycee 10 months ago

Is it single-language or ...?

uploadhero 10 months ago

Is this Single Language version?

KoTeam 10 months ago

Great Work

alyssa369 10 months ago

Thanks @xHOBBiTx, can you upload "build 16299.192" released on Jan 3

swaty 10 months ago

Thanks for the upload! video posted doesn't work, maybe should have been uploaded to vimeo or something other. By the way , does it need reactivation after a few months?

shadushah 10 months ago

downloading and will install through 8gb usb. hope it works like everyone says. is there an especial torrent software? where we can search all torrents around the world with minimum seeds of 10? and is refreshed often cz its all text and magnets if searching... currently using utorrent with 1337x but want spoon to my mouth :D

Slasher46 10 months ago

!00% legit, Installed Yesterday on a new HardDrive, works perfectly! Great job and thanks, Hobbit. My only question is, Is it safe to leave on windows update? I currently have it turned off to avoid genuinity tests

darkened81 10 months ago

Installed on 2 different computers and got minerd.exe on them. Coincidence?

PungSleik 10 months ago

Got minerd.exe myself. Not optimal on a 200GB monthly mobile connection.

Uldines 10 months ago

Thanks bro, downloaded and installed it on my Rig, updates works perfectly for me, and it is activated, can you please tell me how long is the activation? is this permanently? thanks

Slinkysludge 9 months ago

Thanks :)

johnnysnake 9 months ago

works perfectly..thanks xHOBBiTx

dyrewraith 11 months ago

Thank you Hobbit for the download, much appreciated. Will be getting to try it out on a new rig I'm building today. Happy New Year.

mkozlica 11 months ago

@dyrewraith how is it working for you?

sodaddict 9 months ago

While this is a very promising torrent, I'm getting an error stating that the product key could not be validated. I request the UL'er to fix this issue as i cannot.

CumBubbles 9 months ago

How come when I hit set.exe it ends up saying "failed to validate product key"? I redownloaded the torrent, mounted the iso, and even extracted the files from the iso with winrar BUT still I get the error msg above =-(

xHOBBiTx 9 months ago

@CumBubbles Please Burn the Iso on DVD or USB here is how to do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=bhQO0lqpkwo

CumBubbles 9 months ago

I see, thank you @xHOBBiTx. I'm currently out of discs, hence why I tried to mount image and even extract the setup exe with winrar. I'll wait til I get a disc and I can burn the iso. Thanks again.

priyankerrao 9 months ago

does this delete all my data in c drive and d drive(i have 2 drives). C is where Windows is installed and all the program files. Will this delete my program files as well as D drive data? If yes, is there a way to retain those files?

xHOBBiTx 9 months ago

if you are doing clean installation, it should format C: Drive, and If you do want to do upgrade, then it will not format C: Drive D drive will not be touched in any case, so do not worry about it

xHOBBiTx 9 months ago

priyankerrao: also you can backup your data before doing anything

kterry15 8 months ago

dumb question: will this be able to receive windows updates like cracked versions of windows 7 could, or does the telemetry in windows 10 prevent that?

FrSky 8 months ago

If the telemetry bothers you, just go to services and disable the damn thing. It not that difficult to understand. If you don't want it, turn it off.

VAnative21 8 months ago

Appreciate the upload and thanks for the time put into it!

dpg3 9 months ago

Did not work for me I tried several times!! Burnt it to a dvd and tried to install but it wouldn't.

avibe 9 months ago

Awesome. Just what i needed. It will work. Boot from USB using RUFUS. Make sure you use UEFI settings..

LivinLarge 9 months ago

It works perfect for me and I highly recommend this post. I am using it right now. I reformatted my hard drive and did a clean install. FYI this even updates. So thank you very much for the great post HOBBIT !

delpan2010 9 months ago

Thank You

Siivet 9 months ago

Will this work just to upgrade from win7 to win10?

puroeuro 8 months ago

gotta be on of the best win 10 copy i've come across. easy install off USB pen and it actually updates! no need for activator or crack or cdkey

LilxKHANx 8 months ago

I installed and it works great. What is organization activation? and the KMS_VL background process?<< Edited by LilxKHANx on Apr/02/2018 >>

yongyipan 11 months ago


alswiftmd 11 months ago

Same here, didn't work. Failed product key verify. Nothing to do but quit.

alswiftmd 11 months ago

Thanks, xHOBBITx. Will try on a clean install.MUCH APPRECIATED!

onthe1downbeat 11 months ago

Not working for me as well, either from running set-up or from booting from a boot disk. I'm going to try buring a new copy, but would love to hear if anyone else got this working.

Junitechs 11 months ago

Not working for me

Syzygy 11 months ago

From everything I can tell, this worked perfectly!Thank You very much!

ReyM21 11 months ago

This works for me -- for a clean install! But still it had this script installed: KMSVLALL.cmdAnyway, this is indeed a great upload.Thank you very much HOBBiT!

yerit 11 months ago

Thank You Life is to short make the best of every day! Every day you wake up in the morning is a great day :0)

tbee90 10 months ago

Thank you so much

wisard 10 months ago

Thank you for your ingenuity
:) :�(:) :�(

microvfx 10 months ago

gud bro

llevix 8 months ago

Great post HOBBIT. Thx a lot!

ladyofevilness 8 months ago

I get an error about the product key not being right.

Ishanshu 8 months ago

This version of windows 10 is very good..i used rufus to create bootable pd to install it on my os and it is really nice...it is preactivated too..and i have no problem so far and am extremely happy from this release..Thanx xHOBBITx for the upload..!

ArjunRokad 8 months ago

Hi thanks for this upload. I've installed this copy but it's not running well, it has boot issues and keeps crashing. It takes 15-20 minutes to boot and I'm seeing black screen with blinking underscore everytime Am i the only one around here? Any solutions guys? Please help

puppygnomes 8 months ago

I downloaded and installed yesterday just fine. Today I come back and it says not activated. Did some of the automatic updates break it?

Ghufran 7 months ago

This is the fastest winnows 10 I have ever installed in my PC. It is very responsive; Working without any issue, I'm really happy. Thanks

G0utam 7 months ago

After Format Drive C It says Windows can't install in this disk. I research about it but I found I have to format the hole disk to mdr. Please help How I install Windows without format hole disk.

G0utam 7 months ago

When 1803 build came?

xHOBBiTx 7 months ago

@G0utam, you can update this build to 1803, go to windows settings and update now, it will be updated without any problems

dredawg 7 months ago

PERFECT! thanks

Srikanth1800 7 months ago

I'm downloading it now. If have to install. Does this erase all of my hard disk drives or only the one in which os is installed, before Plz help with installation process... I'm very new to install os

LivinLarge 9 months ago

It works perfect for me and I highly recommend this post. I am using it right now. I reformatted my hard drive and did a clean install. FYI this even updates. So thank you very much for the great post HOBBIT !

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