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Variações: Guardian Angel (2019)

  • Music History Drama
  • Film biography dwelling on the hectic artistic life of António Variações, a famous Portuguese pop rock singer from the 80s, who died from AIDS-related complications in 1984.



    António Variações was a unique man. He was born in a small village in Amares, in the north of Portugal. At an early age, unhappy with his life working at a local factory, he came to Lisbon to stay with some relatives. But he was different and he wanted more. He wanted to travel and see the world and he emigrated, starting to work as a barber. But his love for music and performance was so strong that he came back so he could sing in his own language, even if with his looks and outfits he was a victim of prejudice. And even without knowing anything about music he fought for his right to do it the way he believed it was best.

    Variações: Guardian Angel (2019) download

    Variações: Guardian Angel (2019) download

    Variações: Guardian Angel (2019) download

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    1 week ago

    I was expecting more. I mean, sometimes the plot of Variações is shallow. I finished this film without knowing anything new about this great artist. The movie shows us just the fight of António to be a singer and one important relationship in his life, however never goes too far and it's afraid of explore the deepest points of his life and personality. However the cinematography, the scenarios and the "clothes" are incredible, it portrays very well the portuguese culture during the 70s/80s. I also loved Sérgio Praia's performance, he's amazing and I hope to watch him in more great productions.It's not perfect, but is the movie that Portugal needs to show to the world how we can also do great films, we just need dedication and passion as a lot of people from this crew had.

    1 week ago

    The main actor did a great job. It's very impressive how he could dive in to the character. It looked just like the real person. All the clothes and sets are so good. It's amazing.

    1 week ago

    Portuguese cinema had a great evolution in this decade. Movies such as "La Cage Dorée", "Blood of My Blood", "Parque Mayer" or "Jogo de Damas" are some of the films that prove it. "Variações" joins this list and brings something new that few films bring with them: a love letter to the cinema. Although the budget in Portugal is small it is amazing how they can create films of this large size. João Maia was fantastic as a director as well as a screenwriter, the cinematography is very effective, a wardrobe that could have been better invested, but a great and fabulous makeup and hair styling. Sérgio Praia's performance is praiseworthy and deserves all the awards and a few more, I even dare to say that he should be the first Portuguese actor to compete for the Oscar nominations. Between "Parque Mayer" and "Variações" I don't know which one can compete for the nomination for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars. But one thing is for sure this movie will make our Portuguese people cry.


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