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  • Two Girls And A Guy (1997) [BluRay] [1080p] [YTS.AM]
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Two Girls and a Guy (1997)

  • Drama Romance
  • Two women confront their boyfriend, a two-timing actor who professed eternal love to each.

  • $1,000,000
  • Description

    Two girls, Carla and Lou meet on the street outside a loft waiting for their boyfriends. In a short time, they find out that they're waiting for the same guy - young actor Blake, who said that he loves only her to both of them but was actually leading double life for a few months already. Angry, they break into his loft and when he returns, a round of accusations and explanations begins.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0124179/

    Two Girls and a Guy (1997) download Two Girls and a Guy (1997) download

    Two Girls and a Guy (1997) download Two Girls and a Guy (1997) download

    Two Girls and a Guy (1997) download Two Girls and a Guy (1997) download

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    4 months ago

    To say that this movie is shallow, or unrealistic, is to miss the point. While it certainly has a lot to say about sex, and especially sexual fidelity, the point of the film is not that at all, but that concerns of sex are not truly the most important factors in a relationship. While loyalty and honesty certainly are, forgiveness is still a virtue, and lying about sex is not the same as lying about feelings. Though I, of course, do not agree with what the female characters in this movie did, at least the movie makes the oft-overlooked point that sex isn't everything, a point seldom made in movies, and often made in life. Though it is certainly not an exceptional movie, it is worth seeing, and an interesting look into the privileged status sex has attained in our modern society.

    4 months ago

    Two Girls and a Guy consists of an extended conversation between three people; a guy played by Robert Downy, Jr and two girls played by Natasha Wagner and Heather Graham. Both young ladies have been Downey's lover over the past year, and through that time each believed they were his one and only. Unfortunately they both show up unannounced at his loft apartment to 'surprise' him and discover the charade. The discovery occurs in the first scene and what follows is a verbal confrontation between the three in which they discuss love, sex, commitment, truth, yadda-yadda.I'm not knocking it; the movie is really very good. The three actors work very well together in what is sometimes fine improvisation. Definitely worth the rental when you are in the mood for something different.

    4 months ago

    This movie, may have been the best to focus on the many talents of Robert Downey Jr. I'm not sure if the movie was a full script for this movie, or if a lot of it was ad lib. It all seemed so very natural. About 90% of the movie takes place in the living room of RDJ's, character's NY loft.I was never aware of RDJ's talent for singing, piano, and theatrical performances.There are a couple of graphic moments, but all in all, it's a GREAT movie. Anyone who loves RDj, should most definately give this one a chance. Even though I hate Heather Graham, with a passion, I am able to watch this movie, over and over.


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