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The Special (2020)

  • Horror Comedy
  • Suspecting his wife of infidelity, Jerry is persuaded by his best friend to accompany him to a brothel to sample ‘The Special’, which proves to be a lifechanging experience in more ways than one. Because every pleasure has its price...



    Jerry suspects his wife is having an affair. When his buddy, Mike, tells him that the best revenge is revenge, he promises to deliver with The Special. The steps down this pathway transcend addiction and take one man into a personal nightmare.

    The Special (2020) download

    The Special (2020) download

    The Special (2020) download

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    1 month ago

    I started to give this a B for originality & then I remembered a movie years ago with a talking hole in a wall. This was definitely a strange story that kept me interested wanting to know what happens next. I watched this by accident but couldn't turn it off. I just had to know what was in the box.

    1 month ago

    First let me start off by saying who will most likely enjoy this movie. If you are a horror aficionado, if you grew up watching Tales From The Darkside, Monsters, Tales From The Crypt, old school video nasties or enjoy reading magazines like Fangoria, then this movie will not disappoint you. What you have here is a well executed horror movie that pulls you in from the moment our main actor decides to take a walk down the dark side, until the very end when the proverbial S hits the F. This is one Pandora's box that even Pandora should not open. The acting is on par with movies in this budget range, but unlike other B or Indie horror movies I have seen, there is no cringe dialogue. Also, when it comes to the special effects used, it would seem that the better half of the budget was used for this. To say anymore would spoil key plot points. This is a journey best taken in the back seat of our protagonist's car.With the plethora of garbage that gets released almost on a daily basis, you will be pleasantly surprised to find "The Special" on your over crowded horror dining menu. Just be careful what you decide to do with the 'tip'.

    1 month ago

    I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like this before, but this movie follows a new pattern of Indie film where the film makers really take an idea and run with it, creating something totally out there, not playing it safe, the type of movie Hollywood never makes. Bizarre, original, part drama, part horror, a bit of mystery, and at time humorous, it is still slightly amateurish. The soundtrack really does not fit the film and the acting is uneven, Davy Raphaely in the lead kept me watching but Sarah French as his wife I felt was only so-so. I certainly was intrigued as to what was going on and that too kept me watching. What it all means I can only guess at, sexual addiction ?, compulsion ?, the way men treat women as objects ?, these seem to be just a few of the questions it raises, but the fact that it had me thinking and wondering what was going to happen next is why I rate this at a high 7. Certainly it's entertaining. If you're expecting your average horror film, this is not it, but if you're in the mood for some slice of Indie Bizarro-Land stew, this is worth watching.


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