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  • The.Sims.4-RELOADED
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plays67 1 year ago


THRASHness 1 year ago


1234 -
jayant012 2 years ago

Seed it please !!

dorkotaaa 2 years ago

Does not work Unable to start: Initialization error at start up. [135dec40:984c6a38:00000077]

thatguy 2 years ago

how do i mount it on a cd drive

Sepan008 2 years ago

Same "Initialization error at start up"

ASDFASDF 1 year ago


anonymous 4 years ago

i installed this but it come up saying i need to activate it through origin, im new at installing games,,,how do i fix it??

anonymous 4 years ago

just copy the crack

anonymous 2 years ago

Ok...first install game, don't run the game (dont know if it matters but I didn't) Go into crack directory then game then bin, copy all files in bin folder. Now find where you installed the game...Go into the sims4, then go into games folder, then the bin folder...paste the files here, overwrite the old files with the new ones. Worked for me anyways,running windows 10,

anonymous 4 years ago

origin keeps asking for a product code

anonymous 4 years ago

i da li radi bez origina?

anonymous 2 years ago

does it work for mac

anonymous 3 years ago

Game does not work! Will give an "installation error at start up" every time. It seems that the "crack" is garbage and does not work. Please fix.

anonymous 3 years ago

full worked The Sims 4: bit.ly/1NyivCZ

anonymous 3 years ago

need instructions!!

anonymous 4 years ago

hello i need help. after setup and install it tells me my sims 4 is newer thn origin or something, and that i need to update my sims 4 via origin. what am i doing wrong? any fixes?

anonymous 2 years ago

delete the default.ini folder in the game bin folder and it will work with the crack applied

anonymous 1 year ago

does work. ty!

anonymous 2 years ago

Hey everyone! I made a video on how to download The Sims 4 with all the expansions Seen so many confused people so this will help out.  youtube. com/watch?v=Sz7vfmDU4RI. (Just remove space from URL) I give instructions to help and it's the most updated torrent

anonymous 3 years ago

all'avvio mi dice che manca il file origin   qualcuno mi può aiutare?

anonymous 11 months ago


anonymous 1 year ago

do not have a file to open, have got two files one called reloaded which i presume is the actual game, then there is a file called rld_thesims4. I cannot open that file and all my computer wants me to do is burn it. How to fix?

anonymous 1 year ago

cela dit que le jeux est endommager que faire

anonymous 2 years ago

football manager 2017

anonymous 2 years ago

how do i play online coz it takes long to connect?

anonymous 2 years ago

this game is for imbeciles

anonymous 2 years ago

works perfectly thanks!

malien 1 year ago

Anyone installed this on Windows 10 64 bit ? Does it works ? Thanks..

Karkev34 1 year ago

@malien Just installed it today on Win10 64 bit. Works fine.

AnimationDomination 1 year ago

Base game works for me, although I am having some issues. The expansion packs do not seem to be working for me. I have never used a DLC before with the Sims so I'm not sure if you have to go into a setting or if its supposed to start automatically? Maybe I missed a step? Can someone please tell me how to use the DLC???

te8ssx 1 year ago

malien it works, i just finished downloading

BiggieZul 1 year ago

@Karkev34 how u get it to work? i got the update thru origin error

BiggieZul 1 year ago

how did u get it to work on win 10 x64? i tried n always error

camiss 1 year ago

Does anyone know how to run in Win 10 64bits? I'm getting insane

camiss 1 year ago

HOW TO RUN IN WIN 10 64 BITS:::::::: JUST CHANGE THE NAME OF THE FOLDER. If it is with the name "THE SIMS 4" just change to "THE SIMS 44" and it will work normally.

odunayo 11 months ago

i downloaded the latest patch very easy on this site

odunayo 11 months ago


Xx4c1dxX 3 years ago

Getting an initialization Error? cant launch or play the game... everything online suggest fixes using origin. not sure what to do Quote: 4c1d

chifferobewitch 2 years ago

Thank you to the uploader for this. It downloaded fast. It was an extremely simple installation. After copying the files within the cracked folder into the game folder it all worked perfectly. I have been playing this for two weeks with no glitches no problems and no headaches.

jawssss 2 years ago

Thanks a lot

Vivarant 2 years ago

Works but unable to save created characters. Quick Fix download the update grab more DLCs while you are there.

miraclebuck 2 years ago

for those experiencing an error on launch that says "Unable to start he contents of your user data...", the problem for me. essentially, in your bin folder just delete default.ini

silence114817 1 year ago

It worked perfectly, thank you! Is there a way to mod this? i cant find the mod folder

SpinFusor 1 year ago

Ubuntu 16.04 using Wine 1.6.2 generated "The dynamic library 'rld.dll' failed to initialize (E1103)". One fix was to uninstall DirectX and re-install but still didn't work. I'm sure it works under Windows but I spend more time on Linux and only use Windows when I want to watch TV.Regardless, Thanks so much for sharing!

NickWright1 3 years ago
  1. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image toyour game install directory.Where do I find the crack? >:(<< Edited by NickWright1 on Feb/16/2015 >>
supergoddess 3 years ago

Didn't work for me. Only had the option to burn a cd, no ability to mount. ;D

jarman54 3 years ago

Worked perfectly!

xoanqel 3 years ago

How to play without Origin ? and where do i find the crack ? thanks<< Edited by xoanqel on Mar/18/2015 >>

ksoarz 3 years ago

when will the sims 4 get to work dlc be available, im really waiting for that. BTW this game works perfectly ty so much!

Heraclitos 3 years ago

Worked perfectly yet, after an AVAST UPDATE, Avast delete the cracked executable! Reinstalled but avast doesn't allow me to! :( Smile!

rockemsockemnow 3 years ago

Is it normal for it to take an hour to unpack the archive? I'm using Ultra Iso if that helps.

Kerista 3 years ago

Umm, I haven't done this in a while. Can anyone help me locate the crack file? I mounted the iso, but I can't find the crack.

pelichjohn 3 years ago

IIt told me i needed to have Origin to play .........

pelichjohn 3 years ago

So i got it working but now my anti virus is telling me that cracked is a virus

frs610 8 months ago

uhm.. how to play it without Origins?

anonymous 4 months ago


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