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The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018)

  • Thriller Crime Action
  • In Stockholm, Sweden, hacker Lisbeth Salander is hired by Frans Balder, a computer engineer, to retrieve a program that he believes it is too dangerous to exist.



    In Stockholm, Sweden, vigilante hacker Lisbeth Salander is hired by computer programmer Frans Balder to retrieve Firefall, a program capable of accessing the world's nuclear codes that he developed for the National Security Agency, as Balder believes it is too dangerous to exist. Lisbeth successfully retrieves Firefall from the NSA's servers, attracting the attention of agent Edwin Needham, but is unable to unlock it, and the program is later stolen from her by mercenaries led by Jan Holtser, who also attempt to kill Lisbeth. When she doesn't attend their scheduled rendezvous, Balder mistakenly believes Lisbeth decided to keep Firefall for herself and contacts Gabrielle Grane, the deputy director of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), who moves Balder and his young son August to a safe-house. Meanwhile, Needham tracks the unauthorized login to Stockholm and arrives to seek Lisbeth and Firefall..

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5177088/

    The Girl in the Spider

    The Girl in the Spider

    The Girl in the Spider

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    1 month ago

    I feel the low rating currently (5.7) is probably because people are disappointed because it can't live up to its predecessor. And it's true, it can't... but in its own right it's still a good movie. Not excellent, but good. The story is okay, the action is solid, and Lisbeth is still badass. If you have the previous movie sitting in a shrine in your house somewhere and you worship it before you go to bed... skip this movie. If you just want an enjoyable if not terribly memorable action thriller, then go ahead and have fun.

    1 month ago

    1) Fantasy computer program that can only be transferred but not copied. 2) Fantasy computer program that can access and launch any nuclear weapons on Earth, regardless of country. 3) Incomprehensible motive for Swedish security service for commissioning theft of fantasy computer program. 4) Big neon flashing obviousness that the Swedish security police lady is in on it. 5) Secret criminal society in Stockholm that cuts off people's faces, and Lisbeth doesn't know about them. 6) Magical superheroes and supervillains using magical technology with lightning speed. 7) Production choices to put obvious information front and center so that audience of 10-year olds have no problem instantly comprehending. This starts with radio broadcast montage about Lisbeth doing vigilante attacks on men, and continues with obvious explication popping up on computer screens when characters are doing magically instantaneous research. 8) Police cars arriving at crime scenes choreographed to look like dancers entering the stage in Swan Lake. 9) NSA magical computer spy is a famous former hacker. 10) NSA guy gets bumped into in the nightclub, and everyone in the world except for him knows that something was lifted/planted on him. 11) Guy who created insane fantasy program to launch nuclear weapons put the passwords into the possession of his magical supercomputer-like 10-year old son. 12) For some unknown reason, villains know that little boy is key to accessing fantasy program. 13) Are security police goons all wearing the same tie, like it's a uniform? 14) Lisbeth survives gigantic explosion by outrunning flames to jump into bath. 15) When NSA guy goes to scene of exploded Lisbeth apartment, obvious bits and pieces of clues are there on the floor for him to find and audience to see, like a picture of him and Lisbeth's ID, and Swedish investigators just left that stuff behind for what reason who can comprehend, other than to serve up a steaming hot pile of explication for an audience of 10-year olds. 16) Lisbeth lets boy keep his phone, inexplicably, except so that the otherwise magically genius child can answer a call that looks like it's coming from his dead daddy and reveal his location to baddies. 17) Scene where Lisbeth is answering knock on door intercut with NSA guy going to place where he traced her call to, but surprise! they're in two different places. Never seen that trick before (more than 100 times). 18) Lisbeth steals a Ferrari in matte black paint color because she likes to be low-key.That's all I can think of at the moment. But you get the idea.

    1 month ago

    While David Lagercrantz did a decent job of preserving the "Milennium feel" in the book, this movie totally lost that. Only the first Swedish movie managed to give the feel that nothing important was left out from the book, here intentionally most of the book was left out to give room for car chases and fights. The result is a banal action movie where all persons are two-dimensional.


    Lackluster entry in the Millennium film series: A solid performance by Claire Foy (First Man, Unsane) can't do much to elevate a weak script that, quite often, not only asks you to suspend your disbelief, but to abandon your disbelief altogether. This film is based on the fourth of five books (to date) in the popular "Millennium" series of novels, which happens to be the first of the books written by author David Lagercrantz after the passing of original author Stieg Larsson. The first three books were adapted into a trilogy of films in their native Sweden (all of which were released in 2009), and the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was given an American adaptation helmed by David Fincher in 2011. The story of the newest entry in the film series revolves around a top-secret program called Firefall, which would allow whoever wields it to take control of the world's nuclear weapons. The program was designed by Frans Balder (Stephen Merchant), who has a young autistic son. Balder, having come to realize that the program is too dangerous for any government to control, contacts super-hacker Lisbeth Salander (Foy), asking for her help to find and destroy the program. Unknown to them,however, a mysterious group known only as the Spiders are also after the program. Salander receives help along the way from good friend Mikael Blomkvist (Sverrir Gudnason), a journalist working for Millennium magazine (from which the book series gets its name). In the meantime, Lisbeth's attempt to acquire the Firefall program leads American National Security Agency security expert Edwin Needham (LaKeith Stanfield) to travel to Sweden in hopes of tracking her down. Action abounds, and as the film progresses we learn the identity of the leader of the Spiders, a secret tied to Salander's murky past. Eventually all parties converge on a house in the mountains that is all-too-familiar to Salander, where the film's climax plays out. The film appears to retcon certain details from the previous films (e.g. Blomkvist is younger than he should be), which can be off-putting to those familiar with those films.. Vicky Krieps, who audiences may remember from her fantastic performance in 2017's Phantom Thread, is wasted in a brief appearance as Millennium's publisher Erika Berger. While Salander has been established as a first-class hacker in previous films (as well as in the books on which they're based), here her hacking skills often reach levels of unbelievability. An example of this: in one scene Salander hacks into a car's systems while actively pursuing in another car. In the end we are left with a film that could have been greater than it is, but which was hobbled by a poor script filled with overly convenient contrivances. The film's one saving grace is Foy, who does the most with what she is given.

    While I enjoyed this film, it was a bit of a disappointment compared to the others in this series. As noted by other reviews, the film is haunted by an incredibly poor script. On the other hand, the action is pretty good if you can tolerate the long, poorly scripted scenes in between. The film tries too hard to surpise us with twists, some of which are predictable and others which are just flat. Some of the circumstances in the film are far-fetched. I don't mind suspending belief a bit, but this is neither a fantasy or a science fiction film, so there should be some reasonable level of reality. Several scenes are just ridiculously beyond reason and logic. Claire Foy is an excellent actress and I like watching her. She did the best she could with this script. It's unfortunate that the directors chose to portray her as a bit haggard and completely without sex appeal. Certainly, the character of Lisbeth Salander is intended to be a nonconforming ruffian, but Claire Foys' depiction of her is considerably rougher than Rooney Mara's and far less sexually-charged than Noomi Rapace's. This is a shame as Claire Foy does have sex appeal; she either chose or was not encouraged to to use it here. It's an acceptable addition to this series, but it's mediocre in comparison to it's predecessors.


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