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The Bride Comes Home (1935)

  • Comedy Romance
  • A penniless socialite is hired by two young men as a front in their plan to start a magazine. Soon, however, they find themselves more interested in her than in their publishing venture.



    A penniless socialite is hired by two young men as a front in their plan to start a magazine. Soon, however, they find themselves more interested in her than in their publishing venture.

    The Bride Comes Home (1935) download

    The Bride Comes Home (1935) download

    The Bride Comes Home (1935) download

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    1 year ago

    Claudette Colbert and her father were filthy rich, that is until the crash and the economy affected them. All they have is the house, which they don't own. (Not sure of details.) They had to let go of all their servants, except one who cooks. Long story short, she goes job-searching. Meanwhile, friend Robert Young has just turned of age and inherits his family's millions. He has been in love with Claudette for years and has proposed dozens of times. But she's not in love with him. Or, so she thinks. So, no dice. Some things are too easy.Enter Fred MacMurray, who comes up with an idea for a men's magazine, when asked what he wants to do in life by Robert Young, who had just let him go as a bodyguard. Together, they start The Man, the magazine. (I don't know that I agree with the synopsis given on this movie.) What happens next is that Claudette goes to Robert Young for advice or any kind of connection to a job, and her offers her a job as an assistant to Fred. Of course, they take an instant dislike to each other. Yeah right! Wink! Wink! And, Fred didn't ask for an assistant.This is a very funny movie that gets pretty silly in parts, which can turn some people off. I see that two other people didn't think too much of it. But on the whole, I liked it, despite the fact she seems to keep going between the both of them at the end. (And the title of it gets me; it should named something like "Three's a Crowd.") The ending seems a bit haphazard, with a judge who's performing the services, giving a very over-the-top performance. But who does she marry? It's anybody's guess and, from the looks of it, even Claudette doesn't know what's what in this screwball comedy found on a Colbert and MacMurray DVD collection. I still recommend it for a good laugh and good company on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

    1 year ago

    I watched in amazement (and admiration) as three talented stars gave their all to breathe life into Claude Binyon's amateurish script. The dialog in this love-triangle lacks that special ingredient that made screwball comedy such a delight. Elisabeth Holding, who wrote the story, had better luck with such noir classics as the excellent Reckless Moment (1949). There is nothing clever or ingratiating about this movie and I'm amazed that it got any further than the garbage can. Colbert offers her usual pep. MacMurray is excellent and not bad on the eye. Robert Young tries too, but ends up being just plain irritating. I've never seen a Colbert film that I didn't want to watch twice. Now I have.

    1 year ago

    "The Bride Comes Home" is a comedy romance by Paramount with three top stars of the day. Fred MacMurray and Robert Young form a love triangle with Claudette Colbert. While there are plenty of barbs and funny lines, the plot is very thin.MacMurray's Cy Anderson is a tough guy who has been a bodyguard for a rich playboy until he comes of age to inherit a family estate of $3.5 million. That would be about $18 million in 2018. Cy finishes all the squabbles that Robert Young's often tipsy Jack Bristow gets into with fisticuffs. In doing so, he becomes a hard-nosed cynic who is rough around the edges.But, Colbert's Jeanette Desmereau falls for him early on. Most of the movie is a chase with fights and squabbles, and the intermittent making up. The thin plot soon wears quite thin. It's mostly a film that fans of the great early entertainers will enjoy, but just once.Here are some favorite lines from the film. For more dialog, see the Quotes section under this IMDb Web page of the movieJeanette, "I guess this is the only chance I have to tell you that I think you're a mean, stupid, illiterate, overgrown, hog-faced, mule-eared idiot."Cy Anderson, "Can't you see what's happening? Will you get your watermelon head out of this?" The Judge, "Sooo, I'm a watermelon head, am I?"Cy Anderson, "I suppose you're knee deep in beauty prizes?" Alfred Desmereau, "At least I don't break into a house as though I were raiding an opium den. And greet the butler by calling him a liar."Henry, "Emmy. Hey, Emmy. Come on down here. There's another pair of those uh, whatchamacallits from Chicago."


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