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The Angel (1982)

  • Animation Mystery
  • The climbing of an immense staircase made up of the most varied stairs- Symbolic scenes occur on different levels where characters seem to be prisoners of their deeds and of their own folly. The steep staircase leads little by little towards the zones of great light where human beings and nonhuman beings meet.



    Faced with a steep, seemingly endless flight of stairs, a modern Sisyphus struggles to overcome the insurmountable obstacle. Palpable darkness refuses to grant access to the unfathomable mystery of the great beyond; life-giving light, on the other hand, is calling. And, against the backdrop of a distorted, Kafkaesque universe, an absolute rebellion occurs. However, invisible, unbreakable tethers keep the prisoner down forever. Is he a thief or a saint, a demon or an angel?

    The Angel (1982) download

    The Angel (1982) download

    The Angel (1982) download

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    2 weeks ago

    What do Jean Cocteau, Luis Bunuel, Man Ray, Sergei Eisenstein, Mary Ellen Bute, Slavko Vorkapich and Joseph Cornell have in common? If you're familiar with all of them, you probably are or were in film studies. They're all early experimental film makers. If you think that you enjoy "art house" flicks because you've caught a Truffaut or Fellini film once or twice, wait until you get a load of the work of these artists. At its most extreme, we're talking... no narrative... no characters... no semblance of rhyme or reason whatsoever. We're talking MOOD. We're talking VISUAL POETRY. And, yeah... we're talking PRETENTIOUS. But who gives a damn? If there's a place for "Santa with Muscles," there's a place for pretentious, too. [Actually... scratch that. If there's a place for John Murlowski/Hulk Hogan movies, it's the trash.]If you're not familiar with any of the aforementioned directors, I'd probably say that the closest thing you've seen to the dazzling cinematography of "L'Ange" would be the dream sequences of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" or Tarsem Singh's "The Cell." If you haven't seen either of those movies... I honestly don't know what to tell you. Many directors, in fact, employ Bokanowski's techniques as devices in their films. The main differences are... first... they didn't start using them in 1982. In fact, it's taken them the better part of twenty years to catch up with him. Second, they don't make whole films that way. Whole films of eerie avant-garde images don't sell at the box office. Hollywood hasn't financed experimental cinema in over sixty years; if you really think that Lynch and Scorsese's films are daring... well... that's you."L'Ange" is a wonderful film. Simply put. See it yourself. There's no reason to describe what's in it, because everyone must have a different experience of this film, even if that includes sleeping, walking out, screaming or falling into a hypnotically-induced torpor. Patrick Borkanowski is not an important director... he's an important artist. In "The Critic as Artist," Wilde said, "Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways." I'm not sure exactly in which way "L'Ange" spoke to me, but I can tell you this: This is a creepy little peace of heaven.

    2 weeks ago

    Ah, yes... L'Ange...You probably won't find this one on the shelf at Blockbuster or any of the larger chains, but that's why indy stores are better.I'd really like to tell you about the film, but I can't. Even though I've seen it many times, the "plot?" escapes me. It's the look and feel of the thing that gives it its guaranteed cult status. Five years in the making, L'Ange is a masterpiece of image editing and manipulation. Especially for being made from 1977-1982. Well worth the search. Of course, you could probably just order a copy at your local privately owned video store for about $30. Beats watching watching Hollywood claptrap by a long chalk!To talk about the scenes themselves almost feels like a spoiler. They're best experienced without prior knowledge (at least the first time) or expectations. Just know that it's not typical (almost no dialogue) and not passive (crazy violin!) and definitely not marketable (L'Ange action figures!) like a typical project.Ah, yes. The Angel.


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