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  • Adobe Photoshop Manual November 2019
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**The Adobe Photoshop Manual - November 2019

English | 196 pages | PDF | 143 mb**

Add Photoshop to your digital workflow and discover how it can help you.

You know when something has become completely ingrained in our culture when its product name is used as a verb. That is exactly what has happened with Photoshop. Images have not been digitally enhanced or manipulated, they have been 'Photoshopped'. From its humble beginnings, it has become the industry standard for anyone who needs to create new works of art or simply make their favourite holiday photo look a little sharper and brighter. There is no secret to enhancing your images, just the desire to create and this manual to guide you on your way.

Getting Started

10-11 Main Interface

12-13 Menus

14-15 TheToolbar

16-17 Keyboard Shortcuts

18-19 SelectionTools

20-21 Healing Brush Tools

22-23 The Clone Stamp Tool

24-25 Brushes, Pencil and Eraser

28-29 The Pen Tool and Paths

Basic Editing Techniques

32-33 Making Selections

34-35 Modifying Selections

36-37 Using Layers

40-41 Curves and Levels

42-43 Cropping and Resizing

44-45 Quick Mask Mode

46-47 Using Layer Masks

48-49 Content-Aware Fill and Scale

Building Your Editing Skills

52-53 Adjusting Exposure

54-55 Colour Correcyion

56-57 Contrast and Saturation

58-65 Monochrome Techniques

66-67 Adding a Graduated Filter

68-69 Correcting Lens Distortion

70-71 Panorama Stitching 

72-73 Colour Replacement 

74-75 Soft Focus Technique

76-77 Processing Raw Files

78-79 Adobe Camera Raw Interface

80-81 Adobe Camera Raw Menus

82-85 Adobe Camera Raw Workflow

Photo Editing Projects

88-95 Enhance Your Landscapes

96-107 Skin Retouching

108-115 Infrared Processing

116-123 Fire Effects

124-135 Split Raw Conversion

146-157 Creative Text Effects

158-165 Pierrot Portrait Effect

166-173 Stack Mode Noise Removal

174-183 Composite Photos

184-193 Warm Up an Overcast Day

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