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The Great Courses - Origins of the Human Mind - Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D.


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01-Brains and Minds, Evolution and Development.mp3 18 MB
02-How the Human Brain Works.mp3 19 MB
03-Development of the Human Brain.mp3 17 MB
04-Evolution and the Brain.mp3 17 MB
05-Psychological Views of the Mind.mp3 18 MB
06-Instinct, Learning, and Emotion.mp3 17 MB
07-Microevolution, Culture, and the Brain.mp3 18 MB
08-Infancy—Temperament and Attachment.mp3 17 MB
09-Childhood—Stages and Widening Contexts.mp3 17 MB
10-Adolescence—Rebellion, Identity, and Self.mp3 18 MB
11-Adulthood—Aging, Horizons, and Wisdom.mp3 17 MB
12-Influences of Sex and Gender.mp3 17 MB
13-Parallels between Development and Evolution.mp3 19 MB
14-Parallels between Development and Evolution.mp3 19 MB
15-Genes and Environments Together.mp3 18 MB
16-The Abnormal Mind—What Goes Wrong.mp3 18 MB
1663_OriginsoftheMind.pdf 3.4 MB
17-Rationality, Psychosis, and Schizophrenia.mp3 19 MB
18-Emotion Regulation and Mood Disorders.mp3 18 MB
19-Attention, Impulse Control, and ADHD.mp3 17 MB
20-Empathy, Social Connections, and Autism.mp3 19 MB
21-Evolution and the Paradox of Mental Illness.mp3 17 MB
22-Roots of Religion, Aggression, and Prejudice.mp3 18 MB
23-Bringing in Personal Narratives.mp3 17 MB
24-The Future of the Human Mind.mp3 19 MB


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