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Supernova (2020)

  • Drama
  • Sam and Tusker, partners of 20 years, are traveling across England in their old RV visiting friends, family and places from their past. Since Tusker was diagnosed with early-onset dementia two years ago, their time together is the most important thing they have. As the trip progresses, however, their ideas for the future clash, secrets come out, and their love for each other is tested as never before. Ultimately, they must confront the question of what it means to love one another in the face of Tusker’s illness.




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    Format                         : Matroska

    Format version                 : Version 4

    File size                      : 796 MiB

    Duration                       : 1 h 34 min

    Overall bit rate               : 1 175 kb/s

    Encoded date                   : UTC 2021-02-17 07:41:38

    Writing application            : mkvmerge v6.8.0

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    ID                             : 1

    Format                         : AVC

    Format/Info                    : Advanced Video Codec

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    Format settings                : CABAC / 4 Ref Frames

    Format settings, CABAC         : Yes

    Format settings, Reference fra : 4 frames

    Codec ID                       : V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC

    Nominal bit rate               : 1 077 kb/s

    Width                          : 1 280 pixels

    Height                         : 720 pixels

    Display aspect ratio           : 16:9

    Frame rate mode                : Variable

    Color space                    : YUV

    Chroma subsampling             : 4:2:0

    Bit depth                      : 8 bits

    Scan type                      : Progressive

    Writing library                : x264 core 157

    Default                        : Yes

    Forced                         : No


    ID                             : 2

    Format                         : AAC LC

    Format/Info                    : Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity

    Codec ID                       : A_AAC-2

    Duration                       : 1 h 34 min

    Channel(s)                     : 2 channels

    Channel layout                 : L R

    Sampling rate                  : 48.0 kHz

    Frame rate                     : 46.875 FPS (1024 SPF)

    Compression mode               : Loss

    Language                       : English

    Default                        : Yes

    Forced                         : No

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    This is one of those quiet movies that tells a simple core of a story mostly through dialogue and facial expressions, the kind of movie that drives some viewers crazy, running for the exits complaining that nothing happens. I saw criticism somewhere because two straight actors were cast for the roles of the gay lead characters, the standard issue of Weren’t there any gay actors they could find? I am not offended by this bit of casting, but I am not gay either. Surely many gay actors have played straight roles, right? Though let’s face it, that was born out of a long history of actors not being able to reveal their sexuality or risk damaging their careers. But it must be considered a good sign that now actors do not fear poor press by playing the roles of gay men. Anyway, it is a good movie, well written and performed skillfully by a solid ensemble cast. It is not your typical road trip movie because mostly the journal is internal, so we don’t see much in the way of sweeping scenery. I occasionally felt the lack of details in scene transitions, but it was hardly fatal to the story. Such as the house they came to stay at — I wasn’t sure how it came about, but then again, it was not critical to the plot that we know. I can’t say I would go out of my way to watch Supernova again (so many movies and programs, so little time), but neither would I change the channel or leave the room if it comes on.



    Supernova (2021) 720p English HDRip x264 AAC By Full4Movies.mkv 796 MB


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