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              Statistical Tables: Explained and Applied   

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This book contains several new or unpublished tables, such as one on the

significance of the correlation coefficient r, one giving the percentiles of the

(2 statistic for monotonic variation (with two structural models of variation),

an extensive table for the number-of-runs test, three tables for the binomial

sum of probabilities, and a table of coefficients for the re-conversion of

orthogonal polynomials.

In the case of the more familiar tables, such as those of the normal integral,

or Student's t, Chi-square and F percentiles, all values have been re-computed,

occasionally with the authors' own algorithms, using the most accurate methods

available today.

For each of the fifteen distributions in the book, the authors have gathered the

essential information so that interested readers can handle by themselves all

phases of the computations.

An appendix, containing supplementary examples that pertain to the various

tables, helps to complete the authors' review of current hypothesis-testing

procedures. A mini-dictionary of often-used concepts and methods, statistical as

well as mathematical, completes the book.

Besides meeting the needs of practitioners of inferential statistics, this book

should be helpful to statistics teachers as well as graduate students,

researchers and professionals in scientific computing, who will all find it a

rich source of essential data and references on the more important statistical


Table Of Contents

Introduction vii

Common abbreviations and notations ix

Normal distribution 1

Chi-square (x2) distribution 17

Student's t distribution 27

F distribution 43

Studentized range (q) distribution 63

Dunnett's t distribution 73

E2 (monotonic variation) distribution 85

Fmax distribution 103

Cochran's C distribution 113

Orthogonal polynomials 125

Binomial distribution 147

Number-of-runs distribution 169

Random numbers 185

Supplementary examples 197

Mathematical complements 211

Bibliographical references 223

Index of examples 227

General index 231

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* ISBN: 9810249209  

* ISBN-13: 9789810249205  

* Format: Paperback, 244pp  

* Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated  

* Pub. Date: February 2002  

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