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  • Serious Sam 3 BFE RePack by SEYTER
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__ ear of release: 2011

Genre: Action, 3D, 1st persoon

Developer: Deep Shadows

Publisher: Russobit-M

Game version: (Build 233089)

Publication type: RePack

Interface language: Russian/English

Voice language: Russian/English

Tablet: Enclosing (SPY)

System requirements:

• Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8

√ Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon X 2 4000 +

• RAM: 2 Gb

-Video card: GeForce 7800 GT/Radeon HD2600 XT

√ Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0 c

-Free space on hard disk: 6 Gb


The third part of the famous "meat" shooter. The game will be a prequel Serious Sam: The First Encounter, and talk about the beginning of the war between Terrans and army behemoths driven alien villain Mentalom. We remind that the first game began with the fact that scientists have found a way to send the past soldier by the name of Sam Stone, so he stopped had not yet begun the invasion. Probably, in the third part of the Sam will be able to demonstrate why the role of Savior of mankind have chosen it. The game retains the style of the original. No shooting from shelters, no ambushes, no problems. Click on the "fire" and hold until you run out of enemies. Those who prefer the scale, will be able to assemble a team (up to 16 participants), and competitive multiplayer-compete with other players in the modes "Battle to the death" and "hunting for monsters".

Game features:

Crazy shooter arcade style: continuously press the trigger and destroy an endless onslaught of attacking mercenaries and wild beasts Mentala. Without shelter, without stopping here only you and them. They all.

Frightening hostile creation: a new battalion of unforgettable subordinates among whom there is a rattling Skrèpdžek and giant Kham, who will join suicide bezgolovym gnaaram and sirianskim bulls-werewolves, to create the most merciless horde of enemies you've ever had the pleasure of consuming.

Exciting environment: battle on the vast expanses of Egypt's immediate future, total chaos. Destroyed cities alongside the abandoned temples of the ancient world will become your free playground.

Devastating arsenal: use for assigning an impressive arsenal of Steep Sam, including an assault rifle with with an eye, dvuhstvolku, automatic shotgun with explosive charges, punishing Minigun and majestic flaming cannonballs! Carry all weapons Sam simultaneously and switch between them during the battle for maximum firepower.

Suffered crushing melee: Eliminate eye nearest gnaara, otderite face Skrèpdžeka disgusting, break neck Arahnoidu to kill them instantly.

Chaos co-op: go to war against the army of Mentala, playing over the network to the company 16 other players to destroy everything that moves and create a rout over 12 levels. Try to survive, beating off waves of enemies in the dog-eat-dog Survival mode or take in nightmare mode Safari hunting the Beast!

Flawless multiplayer Mayhem: challenge other players in an incredible network game modes such as Battle for survival, capture the flag, team Battle, and my burden. This is the next level in multiplayer Serious Sam, where all hell soon extricate itself on freedom.

Game modes: play split-screen co-op mode and other network four modes for one computer. Hey, stop kosit′sâ on my screen!

Features RePack:

Nothing cut/recoded nothing

Game files are not touched by

Assembled in 1 # DVD5


Jewel of the Nile

Game version: v. 233089

Installation time:

from 10 up to 30 minutes (depends on the number of processor cores)

Author RePack'a: SEYTER __


** Fallow Me on Tumblr: http://iamawesomeeeeeeee.tumblr.com**

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Redist/dxwebsetup.exe 285 kB
game-2.bin 3.5 GB
game-1.bin 3.6 MB
setup.exe 3.1 MB
game-3.bin 71 kB
autorun.inf 100 B
dxwebsetup.exe 285 kB
game2.bin 3.5 GB
game1.bin 3.6 MB
game3.bin 71 kB


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