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Rated R (2008)

  • Comedy Drama
  • Madrid, Spain, 1975. Sandra, Lina and Eva are three beautiful women who work as actresses in erotic movies. After meeting during a shoot, they become friends and begin to share experiences, concerns and successes in an era of increasing openness, although true freedom is still far away and demands a price hard to pay.

    Spanish, Castilian


    A witty look at three actresses working in soft porn cinema in a country waking up after 40 years of repression.

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    Rated R (2008) download

    Rated R (2008) download

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    1 week ago

    An essential bookend to Boogie Nights, but it is more of a documentary and less of a cartoon. Surprisingly little violence and really not that much sex for a film about the soft-core porn biz in Spain that sprang up after Franco was gone. Nice title roll, reminiscent of an old James Bond film from the 80's. It definitely sets the tone of the times. The acting is top-notch but you don't know the actors. This makes the characters even more believable than if Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks were playing them. The film drags a little in the middle, but nothing serious. One amazing aspect of the film is that it depicts just how much makeup and lighting can do to make a woman look beautiful and glamorous, or frazzled and haggard. That brings up my one minor complaint. Two of the three female leads look similar enough that I got them confused during the early parts of the film. Then they show up wearing wigs and the radical changes in makeup, along with purposefully having their look changed to show time passing or pregnancy. The director needed to listen to Milos Forman's commentary to Amadeus, right at the beginning, where he agonizes over whether we will understand who the guy is running across the snowy courtyard. Its easy to keep characters straight reading a script, but harder to do when you are surfing the web and watching at the same time. No big deal, the flick is worth watching twice, and it will be easy to tell them apart the second time around. The cinematography is also beautiful in this film, not in every scene perhaps, but some are stunning. The movie is an interesting combination of morality play, character study, historical documentary, political commentary, and gyrrrl-power film. Not to mention the porn aspect, of course. Worth the watch, if only to show that the sun doesn't just rise and set in Hollywood.

    1 week ago

    Mediocre acting, silly story and adequate cinematography in a regularly directed film . Average and cheesy film dealing with a witty as well downbeat look at actors , actresses , producers , filmmakers working in soft porn cinema or rated ¨S¨ in a country waking up after 40 years of repression . Set in Spain of the 70s , it deals with the soft-core porn Bizzness in Spain that sprang up after Franco was gone . Concerning three unfortunate actress (Mar Flores , Candela Peña , Goya Toledo) who attempt to achieve a hit in big screen , but only get to be hired by producers to nude them and to make love with . As they are hired by a powerful producer (Luis Zahera) and a filmmaker (Antonio De La Torre) , expert on erotic movies . The plot of the movies they are shooting concern about sub-genres of the seventies such as ¨Nunexploitation¨, ¨WIP¨ (women in prison) , and , of course , erotic or , soft-core or rated ¨S¨ . This disconcerting as well as embarrassing drama contains crazy events , nudism , sexual scenes , amusement , disco-parties and tragical situations . The picture packs strong happenings , though surprisingly little sex and no violence , with exception some scenes played by Candela Peña who continuously shows her body . Sitting in a strange middle ground between the engaging description of a problematic epoch and the stylish set pieces , including enjoyable songs of the seventies and eighties played by famous singers such as ¨Baccara¨ . It is a passable but middling Spanish drama that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever , though it has hilarious moments and really not that much erotic scenes . Drama is sometimes cheesy and gross-out with numerous naughty and picaresque situations such as profanities , adulteries , jealousy , and suggested sex . It partially set the tone of the times in the seventies and eighties when had been made lots of films about nudism or ¨Destape¨. The film attempts to give a dramatic and sometimes tragic tone but it doesn't work , resulting in a mediocre and failed film . My feelings are extremely mixed but I must admit there are some brief and no very agreeable moments ; however , it also packs uneven drama , crude humor , profanity and grossed themes . The picture bears remarkable resemblance to ¨Dias De Cine¨ by David Alonso , similarly concerning about naked actresses and shooting films during cinematic nudism time of the 70s . The picture pays tribute to a lot of actresses of the seventies and ¨Transicion time¨ who naked in big screen and magazines such as Maria Jose Cantudo , Nadiuska , Agata Lis , Barbara Rey , Africa Pratt , Jenny Llada , Loreta Tovar , Adriana Vega , Blanca Estrada and Susana Estrada who shows up in the film as an interviewer . It displays a luxurious as well as evocative cinematography by David Azcano . Good musical score by Lucio Godoy considered to be one of the best Spanish musicians , he had many successes such as ¨Blackthorn¨, All about my mother¨, ¨The others¨, ¨Amador¨ ,¨Girasoles Ciegos¨ , ¨Mataharis¨ and many others . The motion picture was middlingly directed by Dunia Ayoso and Felix Sabroso who were born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , Canary Islands. Both of them have directed some acceptable comedies with dramatic elements . Both , directors and writers , known for ¨Descongélate!¨ (2003), ¨Perdona Bonita, Lucas Me Quería a Mí¨ (1997) , ¨Fea¨ (1994) , ¨El Grito en El Cielo¨ (1998) and La Isla interior (2009) until recent death of Dunia Ayoso .

    1 week ago

    If you are familiar with the movie landscape of the time this plays in (70s) or generally have a bit more background than I did, you may find many more interesting things in this than the general viewing audience. There is a lot of nudity in this (it is about soft-core erotic movie and it's stars after all), but the main thing this relies on, is the drama behind the scenes.Of course it cannot avoid having your typical cliché in it, but it's still working overall, even though it's also all over the place (again maybe with a bit of background knowledge some things may seem logical). But you cannot deny this movie is trying really hard to tell multiple stories and many facets of things that probably went on backstage back then


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