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  • Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017-CPY
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  • Evolution Soccer 2017
  • English
  • PC Game


[code]R E L E A S E D   F O R   Y O U

RELEASE NAME          Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017-CPY

RELEASE DATE          27/10/2016

SHOP RELEASE DATE       15/09/2016

RELEASE TYPE          Game

KIND                Soccer

FORMAT              ISO

PROTECTION            Denuvo x32 + Steam

FILES N              42x250MB

The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a

new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and

new authentic visuals.

Control Reality in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 with these new


-Burn or mount the image

-Install the game

-Copy the crack


"Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned"

  • This version is the 1.01.00, the update that came out on october

27th is not included

  • The settings language is based on the OS language and cannot be

changed, the game too but you can change the text & audio

language in the options, the release includes all 16 languages

  • Personal note: Konami, fuck you very much for this shitty

port. And what the fuck is PM Black White?! >_<

Established in 1999, we are possibly the oldest Italian-based

release group still in activity.  We express a big THANK YOU to

all those friends who helped us in various forms throughout thes

years!  Don't forget to support the companies and to keep the

Scene about FUN.

Greets to ENCRyPTED - iAT & all our friends.

Ascii   gK

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1, Vista SP2

Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 1.8GHz / AMD Athlon Ⅱ X2 240 or equivalent processor

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. 1024MB Pixel Shader 3.0

(NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / AMD/ATI Radeon X1600 / Intel HD Graphics 3000 or better)

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 8 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Additional Notes: 800 x 600 monitor resolution; 4x DVD-ROM Drive; TCP/IP 512

kbps or higher[/code]





More at ibit.to
And ibit.ws
yeder 10 years ago

how do i make it work?? help please

vinaaa 10 years ago

more football plz

Beastilio 10 years ago

Thanks! Hopefully this will revive my 500GB LaCie :)

progression 10 years ago

I downloaded the new version that fuyfuotr linked. It does NOT boot on a macbook (non-pro). It just showed a stop-sign. I did leave it on for a couple of hours, no change.

woznii 10 years ago

Thanks for the up e-razor, works perfectly on PPc 10.5.4, fully bootable, all apps work.

darcuin 10 years ago

e-razor = legend... damn i needed some of the apps on this, thanks a million.

Delmar78 10 years ago

Are there keys included? I can't get Ipartition to run without one.

golfpro 10 years ago

WON'T boot on 2007 Macbook 10.5.5.

What is will and won't work on should be in the Blurb!!!!!

angurio 10 years ago

want mac utilities to fix my broken, non booting mac! so i cant.... use a DMG file. what would be nice is an ISO!

This is not a criticism, but a request like comment. :)

ibech 10 years ago

doesn`t boot on a macbook pro 2008 OSX 10.5.5... too bad...

deepimage 10 years ago

I was able to get this to work! It's a real fine collection of utilities and as a mac repair person, I'm way into making it work.

Like many others, the DVD burned from the dmg did not work for me. So I mounted the image and used SuperDuper to copy it to a spare partition on my second internal drive. It then booted !fine! from my internal HD, which got me to thinking, "what's the difference between the two." Perhaps its a matter of making sure its "Blessed" or some other bootable parameter?

Since my internal HD version worked, what I tried at that point was to create a new 2.6GB dvd image in Disk utility and mount it on the desktop. i then used SuoerDuper again to move the contents from the internal partiton onto the new dvd image. Closed the new dvd image. Burnt it in disk utility and it booted up fine.

I have not had the opportunity to try this on an intel machine yet.

aak4 10 years ago

It's not bootable for me either. I'm trying to fix it in a similar way to what deepimage described. If I can get it to work, I'll make a new torrent for it.

e-razor, this is a great thing you've made, it just needs to boot for us. It could have something to with the changes Apple made in 10.5.5.

ratm4life 10 years ago

it says i need password to open the disk image this has never happened before please help

ratm4life 10 years ago

thank you toct53 worked great

ultear1 10 years ago

Okay, so far I have taken the scattered advice of several of you, and I will compile it now into one message. first, download the torrent, then get the dmg file from the torrent. then, open the dmg by simply clicking on it. it will prompt for a password. at this point input: d165eca57057a6b177e242fea6985dab now this should have opened a folder with some read me files and other folders. most importantly, however, there is a new dmg file that is almost identical to the first one. the one difference is that the new one is Bootable Utilities Image 2.0 while the old one is BootableUtilitiesImage_2.0. also the old one is a bit smaller. now CTRL click the new dmg and go to open with... and then go to disk utilities. now you are ready to burn the dmg to a dvd. you must eject the Bootable Utilities Image 2.0 because as of now it is mounted to your desktop. so once it is ejected go to the top right of disk utilities and click burn the dvd. make sure it is set to verify burned data. once it is finished burning, you should be able to boot from the disk by A) holding down C as the computer restarts, B) holding down option as the computer restarts, or C) by selecting the dvd in the startup disk section of system preferences.

here is where i hit the wall. I have a 15'' macbook pro intel core duo from 2006ish (10.4.11) nothing i have read says that it shouldn't work with my system but it just doesn't. what happens is, when restarting, no matter what method i use, including combinations of them, it always starts up the same way it always does, going to the log in screen. i have invested an ass load of time into this, considering i know almost nothing about computers (i didnt know i could boot from a dvd) and i feel like i am so motherfucking close to being done with this thing. does anyone have any suggestions as to what stupid error i might have made?

note: in the process i have made every error listed in the comments below me and moved on from there so im looking for new ideas

Herkimer 10 years ago

Down'd the 2.02r from Mediafire 3x and it kacked with the rar's on the last 5 secs using StuffXpander.

Unsure of how to use the checksum stuff. Herk

oJo v-v

gplayer01 9 years ago

I was successfully able to burn to disc, and perform a boot from disk with no issues. Ran utilities on an iBook G-4. THANKS e-razor!!

PPSTOPPER 9 years ago

i need to burn this on pc to fix my mac. what program can use to make the image burn bootable?

SergPtoP 9 years ago

please seed !!!

dae.edorian 9 years ago

It won't work in UltraISO, MagicISO, Nero, Excel, MS Paint or any other windows program. DMG is a mac disc image format, and you're going to need a mac to burn it properly.

weebles 9 years ago

An uncompressed dmg will be an ISO format image so it SHOULD burn with anything that you normally use, (haven't tried with this one yet but it's worked for me with a good few in the past) You'll need to mount the downloaded (probably compressed) dmg on your mac - using the password when asked - then extract the dmg and docs contained within, rename the extracted dmg to iso (once you've unmounted it) and burn - all useless info of course if you don't have a working mac to mount the original but hope it helps someone.

weebles 9 years ago

Edit, the extracted .dmg won't need unmounted before renaming to .iso because it probably won't have been mounted in the first place! Sorry about any confusion and will post with success/failure details later, I expect if this works there might be folk with Windows computers wanting the ISO uploaded?

1 -
kingashi 5 years ago

As Always..Muchos Gracias..

Arcmano 5 years ago

Muito Obrigado por compartilhar!

Arcmano 5 years ago

Is missing in the file FSX AIRAC 1306 (FlightSim Commander FSC). You could include it. Thanks again.

Brill51 5 years ago

Part II with the missing installers will upload today -on the origin of this abload -

namco-nexgen 5 years ago

I found this somewhere else, i just shared it here. If i get to find the rest, i can do the same.

David-7237 5 years ago

if it was not compressed, to allow us pick what we need, it would have been more great,

thankx btw

clintferns 5 years ago

Hey,..Req the latest woai traffic package...Thanks

Brill51 5 years ago

Credits go to beorse.bz -there you find the reupload with FSC etc. And yes most off Flight Addons you get there first -its the frontline

And give a big Thanks to the uploader on tpb (btw. i love tpb), now you can buy the TBM850 or ORBX EGTR yourself or until anyone will upload them...

xnolunchx 5 years ago

Brill51 No it doesn't. That site has little to no FSX stuff on it.

doc179 5 years ago


xnolunchx 5 years ago

be careful when installing. There's a box that says something along the lines of "backing up the nav data". It broke a few planes for me and Flightsim Commander.

madmike521 5 years ago


Req: Carenado TBM 850.

Coventry 11 months ago

"Gang Wars in Milan" is Umberto Lenzi's worthwhile and compelling imitation of "The Godfather" – in Italy during the 1970's this type of films got labeled as the "Poliziottesco" – about the rivalry and battle between Sicilian pimps and French drug dealers. The drug barons are putting severe pressure on the sly and sleazy Salvatore "Toto" Cangemi, who practically has a monopoly over the prostitution network in Milan, to have his hookers sell heroin. The greedy French wolves also demand 70% of the profit, so you can image Toto refuses. The "negotiations" rapidly run out of hand, with some car-bombs left, some drug labs getting destroyed right and a handful of prostitutes being mutilated center, and gradually escalate into a devastating gang war. So, basically, what I've learned from this film is the actual definition of a mafia partnership: they start a war over 20% and when they finally do reach an agreement, all they do is double-crossing each other! "Milano Rovente" isn't the most spectacular of Italian crime epics of the 70's, as there are reasonably few car chases and violent shootouts on display, but it's nevertheless a solidly scripted and professionally acted atmosphere-driven thriller. There are some excellent plot twists to keep you interested throughout and the bit of cruelty (especially towards women) are quite hard to stomach. The film may lack some essential Poliziottesco aspects, like a dazzling soundtrack and ultra-psychopathic characters, but it was definitely a terrific predecessor to Umberto Lenzi's ultimate crime masterpiece "Almost Human".

udar55 11 months ago

The storyline is the Italians vs. the French. More accurately, the Italian pimps vs. the French drug pushers. Antonio Sabato stars as Salvatore Cangemi, Milan's biggest pimp who refuses to get in the drug trade with some French gangsters. Ah, a pimp with standards. Of course, this is what makes MILANO difficult. How can one root for a guy who repeatedly degrades/beats women and smacks around people because "the English language annoys him" at a bar? The film is interesting to watch in that it is Umberto Lenzi's first crime/mafia film. Up until this point, Lenzi had done westerns, gladiator films, spy films and a couple of giallo but nothing this focused on Italy's crime element (unless you count KRIMINAL). This comes off as a blue print for his later works. I wonder if Lenzi gauged what audiences liked the most and least from this film and infused them into his next entries. It is a theory that may hold some water because just a year later he would deliver ALMOST HUMAN, his Italian crime classic.

Prof-Hieronymos-Grost 11 months ago

Salvatore "Toto" Cangemi(Antonio Sabato) is a sicilian who has made it big in Milan as a crime boss, his area being prostitution. He is approached by a French crime boss know as "Le Capitaine" he wants to go into business with Toto using his hookers to sell his drugs, only problem is the French aren't giving Toto much of an option. He decides against it and this leads to a big gang war, with tit for tat killings and Toto's hooker being beaten and kidnapped. Toto's second in command Lino Carruzzi, proposes getting his American crime boss uncle "Billy Barone" involved, Toto has little option but to agree in order to save his business. Highly un pc film, that denigrates women all over the place, promotes racial stereotypes and its also homophobic, despite this its an entertaining ride, there's even time for Toto to have some liaisons with the mysterious Jasmine (….but underused Marisa Mell). The violence is as you'd expect with Lenzi quite violent with breast slashings galore and even some genital electrocution…nice! Carlo Rustichelli's jazzy score is nice but a little overused.

Rainmaker 5 years ago

LOL @ Movie name.. fuck.. haha

ATUAMAEDE4 5 years ago


Revanant 11 years ago

This is just one track for all the songs. Was hoping it was 19 individual tracks. Sounds good though. I just wish it was broken up.

V_ampir 11 years ago

hmm , see the nfo !!! MEGAMIX !!! not track 4 track !!!

neogaidenx 11 years ago


neogaidenx 11 years ago

Click Screenshot and Refresh

etb96 11 years ago

bring in more psp games!!!!!!!

neogaidenx 11 years ago

I will seek for good games.. that is after i've completed this game.. interested in Team Buddies, Poy Poy.

neogaidenxhttp://myassassinnation.freehyperspace.com/files/downloads/Xenogears%20Guides.txt 11 years ago
venom279 11 years ago

Did you run into any problem while running the game? I downloaded the files and started the game fine, but it freezes during the animation while I was in the forest area in disc 1. I rebooted the game 2x and it freezes at the same point during the animation. Can you plz check it out? Thank you.

neogaidenx 11 years ago

mines running fine just lagging a bit cause its compressed.. anyways i maybe putting the uncompressed xenogears

neogaidenx 11 years ago

maybe u need to run it with popsloader plugin

shankytown 10 years ago

sweeeeeeet it's still alive thanks, neogaidenx

i'll seed as far as my bandwidth allows... :D

lookin4xeno 10 years ago

Hey guys, I downloaded this torrent twice, and in both times in different settings, this torrent DID NOT WORK! At first I just had the early custom firmware (like 3.50), from DarkAlex (it had popsloader in it from the firmware). I downloaded the torrent and played CD1, and after the opening scene when the village is attacked, and it goes into the first battle mode, it hangs!! So I downgraded, and then upgraded again, but this time I put 4.01 M33 (from again DarkAlex.. muchas gracias senor!!), 4.XX kernel, and the highest popsloader I could get online (higher than 3.71 for sure). After upgrading the firmware all day, I erased the original download, and downloaded the torrent the second time. It still hangs in the same spot.

I'm beginning to think this torrent is not good, but I also feel I may be doing something wrong, though I cant imagine what it is. I'm running this on a PSP fat, so what am I doing wrong? Can I get Xeno from some other site?

Skyfallaks 10 years ago

It's slow for some people? It's running fine for me, music's playing fast and can't really tell any difference in the visuals.

And yeah on any other pops version than 3.71 I didn't get past the first scene, but on 3.71 I'm nearing the second disc.

DoUFolksLikCoffehttp://www.gamerspress.com/index.php?title=PSX_on_PSP_Compatibility_Listhttp://forum 10 years ago

Hey there lookin4xeno, sounds like you need the popsloader that allows you to run the game on any CFW you need to in order to run the game without upgrading or down grading, basically its every version for the sony ps1 emu in one. If you run into problems doing this(or you've already done it) heres a helpful link that will tell you what CFW you need to run it perfectly. http://www.gamerspress.com/index.php?title=PSX_on_PSP_Compatibility_List

This one could help as well http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/628073

Good luck to ya my friend

neogaidenx 8 years ago

I've made a homebrew emulator for the xenogears itself, trying to surpass the spin on deus.. releasing it soon hopefully. maybe i'll integrate it as an eboot too.

xxjunkjunkxx 4 years ago

Hey guys, this torrent didn't work for me. It crashes on the first battle scene like lookin4xeno said. I spent half the day trying the poploader to work to only to still have it crash on the same spot. I got the game version from emuparadise with direct download and it worked great. Just wanted to let you guys know.

etb96 11 years ago

bring in more psp games!!!!!!!


liken 10 years ago

Anyone have Season 3 (last year) episodes 9, 11, 13, 14, 21? I see torrents for each of those, and for the full season 3, but they have no seeders.

sliced68 10 years ago

Think you can upload 7/24/08 show - darn comcast DVR lost our signal again!GRR

Thanks so much!

sliced68 10 years ago

crud i meant - last night's show - 7/23/08.

psychdude 10 years ago

I second the motion, circlensess. Where's yesterday's show? I missed it!!!! Thanks, you're awesome!

AFishaNado 10 years ago

I'm Jonesing for both episodes this week :(

kkklllb 10 years ago

Please upload both this weeks shows....

PingPang 10 years ago

This is weird. Both shows (7/23 & 7/24 - S040EP18 - S04EP19) isn't anywhere to find. I've checked every torrentpage there is. How can this be?

There are so many people just dying to see these episodes. Many of us is not from the US, it doesn't broadcast here.

Please... If you know someone who can upload the torrent, or if you can do anything to rush this - Please do!

Trinesuperstar 10 years ago

I need to see what happens!

doc_eon 10 years ago

I found a torrent that claims to be ep 18 on mininova - I say claims because I can't verify it. Nobody is seeding and I'm stuck at 80%.

Oh well, hopefully our regular supplier is just out sick or something and will return shortly. :)

kristin206 10 years ago

Can you please upload episode 18 from season 4 (the latest one)? I'm DYING to see it!! Thanks SO MUCH for uploading the previous episodes.

Hugs from a grateful Norwegian =)

Trinesuperstar 10 years ago

I have downloaded to different files which claimed to be episode 18. The first one didnt work and the second only showed the first 7 minutes :( I miss my SYTYCD

Darlingrachhttp://isohunt.com/torrent_details/48076591/?tab=summary 10 years ago

I found one but i'm not 100% sure is it's real. It's at http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/48076591/?tab=summary

Featherbe36 10 years ago

Anyone have season 4 eps 18 and 19 yet?

Darlingrach 10 years ago

The link that i've put above is to episode 18!!

SuzzPuzz 10 years ago

Darlin wow THANKS! Ive searched everywhere for this. Have you found e19 also? PLZ post it here if you do. TY again.

Featherbe36 10 years ago

Sorry Darlin - so used to downloading the ORENJI avi files.. Thanks!

SuzzPuzz 10 years ago

Usually I always find SYTYCD at mininova but these episodes are impossible to find. So strange..

SmartClar 5 years ago

Good to see an upload from you after 3 months

shaan225 5 years ago

thanks bud! im back n im gonna be 'roun from now ;)

777shanktime777 10 years ago

any chance of getting more easy e up in flac? i already got the remaster release of this cd

Kitlope 10 years ago

Stay tuned, I'll be putting up Eazy E - Eternal E in due time

mattmur9821 9 years ago

thanks man

odobo1 9 years ago

This is excellent, NOT remastered. Remastering DESTROYS the dynamic range. This is a recording from before they destroyed the dynamic range.

def24 9 years ago

Love your torrents! Keep up the great work!

anonymous 2 years ago

What is with all the fuken canadian twats?

anonymous 2 years ago

Thanx a lot

anonymous 2 years ago

AVS is complete garbage. Last episodes had wavy lines in some parts like it was a VHS. wtf is that

anonymous 2 years ago

worst quality ever,,,fuking twat ,,clicking sounds

MightyMouse957 11 years ago

Great CD

Seeding for a week

emmastrid 11 years ago

seed please !

nUDiE<3 10 years ago

Would love to have that bonus DVD that includes in this cd.. Tnx upR! :D

Unforgive-N 10 years ago

Seed pleace!! I want It so much!!!! :D

vsartory 10 years ago

cheers bruv, cant wait to hear dat 4 bonus trax

wafflerevolution 10 years ago

wonderful rip - thanks!

morris730 9 years ago

god dammit not for this one but for all the shit that makes my head spinn..im through with this life lets beginn the next one

morris730 9 years ago

i get errors all the time when i try seed why oh why....

morris730 9 years ago

lets get some porn instead if i can find something thats working....

bHabicht 9 years ago

lmao. if you're looking for porn, why are you commenting on a stone sour file?

thanks for the upload! seeding forever.

jalf09 7 years ago

When listening to this music, you'll get orgasm. That's why it's somehow related to pr0n.

AStartledGuy 4 years ago

Music is its' own congregate.

anonymous 2 years ago

This file needs to be nuked, and nuked hard! its mislabeled and not even the correct one.

anonymous 2 years ago

This also is episode 3, not 2.

anonymous 2 years ago

This is actually 1080p.

The Jellyfish 11 years ago

tack! :) fortsätt gärna att lägga upp

Slickinator 8 years ago

thanx for this

DEMO 8 years ago

A=7 / V=7

ALIEN68 10 years ago

Tack så mycket Bnita!!! Väldigt bra kvalite. Väntar mera uploads i HD kvalite från dig!!!

E-VOX 10 years ago


FaNkY 11 years ago

SeeeD :D I need this but can u add the wordfast 5.5 :P ! ... okz SEED SEED SEED

w1ck3db0mb 6 years ago

wordfast for Mac? Any love?

wowfactor 4 years ago

Wordfast Pro 3? Xmas is too long to wait...

miss_pacman 2 years ago

So dead torrent. Please seed or remove it Thank you

FaNkY 11 years ago

SeeeD :D I need this but can u add the wordfast 5.5 :P ! ... okz SEED SEED SEED

loeshilton 8 years ago

nice but next time try the search button :)

xchicagobears 8 years ago

any screen shots? rating?

phyco 8 years ago

Thank You!!! I got no complaints......I don't care if it takes long time to download....It's free!!! Only season 8 is done...It's watchable and It's been scan with AVG...clean! Just waiting for the rest =) I will remember to share(seed).

Ceraxx 7 years ago

Hey! :) can someone please seed ? :) Thank you !:)

whazzup3929 7 years ago

uploader...thank you for taking the time to upload this...and fuck all the other posers who password the last 2 episodes in a poor attempt to troll users...

whazzup3929 7 years ago

I will seed..but the thing is...my top speed is 6.41MB/.42KB...I know it sucks..but I will do my best to keep the torrent alive for a couple months...if anyone can tell me why my torrents stop seeding after they finish...it would be greatly appreciated

whazzup3929 7 years ago

there ya go...seeded 4X...found a way around that pitiful speed...................................................................................................................................................................................................loldongs...................................dicks...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

TheLaughingZebra 7 years ago

can someone please seed! this is soooooo slow! much appreciated :)

wkdsoul 7 years ago

Quick. note some of the eps. are correctly named but numbered in the wrong order

GrieverCBR 6 years ago

It's been such a long time watching this show.. downloading and will seed for a long time. Thanks for the upload

mr.ishigh 6 years ago

pleaseee seed is taking forever....thank you

DipKins96 6 years ago

A:8 V:6 its watchable, but sometimes the bad quality does get annoying

ksjduo 6 years ago

Please seed. I have uploaded around 4 GB and downloaded only 2.7 GB so far. Please seed everyone:D

KihonKyu 6 years ago

does any1 know if the first couple of seasons are the uncensored versions or not?

FejkJ 6 years ago

@KihonKyu I've watched 9 episodes of season 1 and those were censored so I gave up...video is low quality anyway...

goddard01 6 years ago

Fuck! Downloading more than a week!!! And now I'm on 85% My download speed 3kb/s and my upload speed is 45kb/s... Anyone, PLEASE seed!!!!!

Jeakins 5 years ago

I hope I can squeeze this one in! I have had 3 Seasons of That 70's Show for over 6 months! I need the rest of them. Thanks sn0w2i! Seeding is appreciated by everyone.

Slic3r 5 years ago

In Season 5 episode 3 and 4 are switched. (3 is 4, and 4 is 3.)

LooBA_kaer 10 years ago

WTF ! SEED GOT DAMN:ÃŽm Stuck On 99.9 %

LooBA_kaer 10 years ago

du får mounta med daemon tools om det står sätt i skivan

slagroom15 10 years ago

i get past the intro and all... but when i try to actually fish it asks for a cd. I burned the whole on a cd and it still isn't working, do i need a crack or something? Please can anyone help???? thanx

yarborom 10 years ago

Delcorona, Thanks for the game, I was looking forward to playing it. I get this error message when I try to start the game. I tried all of the tricks listed in comments already. Any suggestions?

EXCEPTION [SYSTEM ] Access violation exception while 'reading from' address 0x1c at address 0x71db1186 Dr0 = 0x0 Dr1 = 0x0 Dr2 = 0x0 Dr3 = 0x0 Dr7 = 0x0 Dr7 = 0x0 SegGs = 0x0 SegFs = 0x3b SegEs = 0x23 SegDs = 0x23 Edi = 0x1c27e4 Esi = 0x1c27e0 Ebx = 0xffffffff Edx = caught in function cPertRRDX::ProcessRefractionReflection

catamaranman 10 years ago


ddubz840 10 years ago

this is not an infected torrent i have been playing for a cupple of days now thanks delcorona for the upload is there a crack with this or am i missing somthing obvious if there isnt will someone please post 1 that is working for them it would be much appreciated

superdav996 9 years ago

virus ? founded ??

Vao 9 years ago

Please seed.. I have 0 seeds, downloading at 25kbps off 4 peers

gus77na 9 years ago

1000 Thank you!!!!!!!!! the blackmamba en 2008-07-26 14:07 CET: I've come up with a way to fix the startup problem some of you have. The error where you can here the music or sound of the intros but the screen stays black and the game eventually hangs your computer.

  1. Go to your game directory. For me it's:"E:ProgramActivision ValueMagic WandRapala"

  2. Go into the folder "Rapala" and then the folder "Movies"

  3. Delete the two game companys intro video files. "Atvi" and "Magic Wand".

  4. Start the game from "Rapala.exe" in the "Bin" folder in the game directory. OBS!!!! Do not start the game from any other shortcuts like the one on your desktop because it will then reinstall those deleted files.

Now the game will work as it should. At least for me it did.


stepmyster1 9 years ago

I got the files as .BIN after i extracted so wtf shud i do?!? Says i shud open with a program wich is impossible so that i means i wud have to make it .exe but how?!?!?

i got the same problem! any one! tell me what to do pls!.......thanks!.

GETARS 9 years ago

im also having the problem where i get to main menu of game but then asks for a disk. i actualy had it working he first time and now its not.. is there something i can do to fix this? seeding this btw =D

c0ldfir3 8 years ago

still getting "Access violcation exception" error anyone please upload a working torrent??!!!??!!!

Schafer83 5 years ago

seeders plz

aekpong 4 years ago



LooBA_kaer 10 years ago

WTF ! SEED GOT DAMN:Îm Stuck On 99.9 %

LooBA_kaer 10 years ago

du får mounta med daemon tools om det står sätt i skivan

anonymous 2 years ago

Hey oldfart, we about 7-9 people downloading this torrent: https://rarbg.to/torrent/mzyx32a and the download stopped exactly at 96.6%! So, please seed this and help us complete the download! Thanks.

anonymous 2 years ago

Really appreciate the full Blu-ray mate!!!

mc_homes 8 years ago

this is the one to get...has everything! thanks mang!!

jazza_hayward 8 years ago

please seed!! i've got 50% and only one seed going at 0.7 kB/sec

smoke070https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4917086/The_Ricky_Gervais_Show_-_XFM_Years._Series_1_-__4_in 5 years ago

Pretty weak collection, and sounds bad too. Why V9 and not V0? This collection is basically compressed audio that has been compressed even further. Several ID3 tags are missing or inconsistent (Year, Artwork, Genre). Does not have the NME show either. Rubbish.

Combine these instead... XFM Shows from here https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4917086/The_Ricky_Gervais_Show_-_XFM_Years._Series_1_-__4_including_pre-

Podcasts from here https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/5642030/Ricky_Gervais._Audio_Collection._XFM_Series_1-4___Podcasts_1-5

mc_homes 8 years ago

this is the one to get...has everything! thanks mang!!

smoke070https://piratebayblocked.com/torrent/4917086/The_Ricky_Gervais_Show_-_XFM_Years._Series_1_-_ 5 years ago

Pretty weak collection, and sounds bad too. Why V9 and not V0? This collection is basically compressed audio that has been compressed even further. Several ID3 tags are missing or inconsistent (Year, Artwork, Genre). Does not have the NME show either. Rubbish.

Combine these instead... XFM Shows from here https://piratebayblocked.com/torrent/4917086/The_Ricky_Gervais_Show_-_XFM_Years._Series_1_-__4_including_pre-

Podcasts from here https://piratebayblocked.com/torrent/5642030/Ricky_Gervais._Audio_Collection._XFM_Series_1-4___Podcasts_1-5

Ratiocinator 11 years ago

Thank you.

deadman74 10 years ago

Seed this torrent Pleeeaaase

doktor_zook 10 years ago

Temporary not seeding. Will be back in a few weeks I hope.

spacetragedyhttp://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4925120/Celestial_Season_-_Lunchbox_Dialogues_(2000 9 years ago

Celestial Season - Lunchbox Dialogues (2000) ep (in wav format) http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4925120/Celestial_Season_-_Lunchbox_Dialogues_(2000)

analogkid6103 5 years ago

many thanks

spacetragedyhttp://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/4925120/Celestial_Season_-_Lunchbox_Dialogues_(2000 9 years ago

Celestial Season - Lunchbox Dialogues (2000) ep (in wav format) http://thepiratebay.rocks/torrent/4925120/Celestial_Season_-_Lunchbox_Dialogues_(2000)

spacetragedyhttp://thepiratebay.asia/torrent/4925120/Celestial_Season_-_Lunchbox_Dialogues_(2000 9 years ago

Celestial Season - Lunchbox Dialogues (2000) ep (in wav format) http://thepiratebay.asia/torrent/4925120/Celestial_Season_-_Lunchbox_Dialogues_(2000)

RingMaster69 2 years ago


CumBubbles 2 years ago

Thank you, very good comic series! Logan is a bad ass mutant!

martin6101 2 years ago

Is this a TV-series or TV-movie?

Jebbiex 9 months ago

Howdy VR, please share Michael Bay's "The Island" (2005) and "Drag Me to Hell" collectors edition by Shout Factory. Thanks and more power!

pskricka-13 9 months ago

Please, @vonRicht upload this movies:

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Darkest Hour (2017) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Thank you so much :-)

Michael Ledo 2 years ago

Clyde Marshall (Col Elliott) is a crypto-zoologist who dies in the first scene looking for the Bunyip. The Bunyip is the Aussie Bigfoot who is part crocodile in how it gathers and stores its prey. Tristan (Tim Pocock) and his older brother Nick (Dan Ewing) inherit the land and have a hefty offer for it. A party is thrown at Tristan's place in the woods and the Bunyip is aroused.The production was too long. It takes an hour to set up the story and character was not that well established. Nick had a relationship with Anya (Sophie Don) and his leaving her was not made believable. In fact Nick made a moody protagonist who was at times as unlikable as BJ (Ben Chisholm) who we know is a drug dealing "d**k". The whole clandestine stuff could have been done better. The film was made for a teen crowd. It had that second rate made-for-TV quality to it. After an hour the action picked up and improved. We got to see the creature.Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity. Jessica Green provides bikini eye candy.

aw1963 2 years ago

This movie really doesn't deserve the bad reviews it has received and I wonder at the motives behind some of them. The movie is a well paced,sometimes humorous,monster flick,made in a typically Aussie way. Some good performances,by Aussie actors and incorporating some aboriginal lore,makes for a fun monster movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. The cgi could have been better,particularly in the monster fight scene with the aboriginal elder,but it wasn't something that bothered me too much as the monster was pretty cool. All in all I found it much better than a lot,and I mean a lot,of American made monster movies.I would watch this again just because it is a fun movie. Aussie horror is coming of age,I just wish there was more of it.

herodotus2007 2 years ago

What begins as a promising premise, and remains so is immediately hampered by Dan Ewing and Tom Pockock's meeting. These ex-"Neighbours/ Home & Away" actors, and I use the term 'actor' loosely, undo any hint at danger in this dreadfully written script. The photography is good, the music quite good, but the 'acting' is absolutely appalling. Seriously, these guys and gals need to take some acting lessons or better still, spend some time on stage in the theater where actors learn how to act, not just pose for the camera. If they are graduates of established drama schools like NIDA or WAPA, then these schools have failed and should be treated as "Soapies feed factories. They sure as Hell don't teach acting skills. Dreadful script predictable to the end; characters so 2D they don't need to open their mouths; acting - just appallingly bad. what an abysmal entry that could have been so much more. Alas, it is a SyFy Channel movie transplanted to Australia at best. To think Dan Ewing is considered "an up and coming star". If he is, we're in trouble. He cannot, I repeat cannot act to save himself....or indeed this film.

djjlicious 7 years ago

Not mixed, just a copilation! Lol and old too!! Oh yeah I forgot, and always 1 seeder, but that 1 doesn't SEED!!


Boo_trance 7 years ago

THICK CUNT! i will tell you once again, yes it's a compilation of various artists...and what does this mean tracks mixed separate. and it doesn't matter how old the music is fucking idiot! as for your seeding fetish it's gone very dry now ,you need something better!

aeroyacine 6 years ago

I've never been heard by this TV Show before , this is a pretty solid show , thnaks a lot Ashja .

jaytha22 5 years ago

Ashja,, do u have the far tour special from Luke?? or any more live stuff like this... good stuff

Guest 9 years ago

Good quality definitely 10/10. Thanks vertor.

aniket581988 2 years ago

Excellent quality A-10 V-10! Thanks a lot..

nedand 5 years ago

Thank you very much!

darkdroner 5 years ago

Thanks heaps!

s15566h 1 year ago

wrong instruction

cianide 1 year ago

does this activate the full password manager as well?

ehrling 9 years ago

min första uppladning!lyckades tydligen!

hiuutyio 9 years ago

Kanske inte så smart att använda din signatur för att tala om att du lyckades med din anonyma uppladning. Bara en reflektion.

Thumper 5 years ago


hector 5 years ago

Cheers bro.

Rainmaker 5 years ago

You have the worst NFO and intro in the history of torrent kind..

kawliga55 5 years ago

wow rainmaker, thats a bit harsh..

kdt68 5 years ago


TIMETRAVEL 5 years ago

Thx Hiest :-)

johno70 5 years ago

Hiest nice buddy as always :)

SunRiseZone 5 years ago

Thanks B=)

scudsy 5 years ago

So go elsewhere @Rainmaker. No one is forcing you to use HEISTS torrents. Heist does excellent work and never lets us down. Whingers whiners are the bane of the torrent world. Your getting something for nothing, so close your mouth and give it a rest.

Hiest1337x 5 years ago

Thanks scudsy:), thanks for the comments guys:)

l8rpete 5 years ago

Could not have said it better scudsy......

l8rpete 5 years ago

Could not have said it better scudsy......thanxs a millionb Heists!

anonymous 2 years ago

to bre carevi jebite ta j jebani denuvo u kurac I u picku materinu sve im jebem da im jebem ruzno

anonymous 1 year ago

jel si dobro

anonymous 2 years ago

Fu!k you EA and Denuvo Bastards   We are the future S!ck D!ck Steam

anonymous 2 years ago

Farcry Primal, just cause 3, unravel but instead this crap football game

anonymous 2 years ago

blank white screen & game not responding!!

anonymous 1 year ago

me too, can u fix it?

anonymous 2 years ago

They know what they do,they know when is the best to crack a denuvo protected game.If you look back you will see that they cracked games that they will not release another DLC or DLC is MP Only but they got rekt with Rise Of Tomb Raider which has a new expansion released so they try to not make the same mistake.CPY is the King for this protection and they proved it to me with their second denuvo protected game crack release.

anonymous 2 years ago

I played one hour and I must say that's the best PES version even made but... It's so annoying there is no Bayern Munchen and the squads are from year 2015 come on.... Higuain is in Napoli there's no Milik there's no Zielinski even Hummels still plays in Borussia Dortmund... This is so annoying especialy when there is no Bayern Munchen team no Lewandowski really? Come on people it's some kind of a joke...

anonymous 2 years ago


anonymous 2 years ago

Big respect for Conspiracy, i don't like soccer but appreciate work this guy/s!

anonymous 2 years ago

Bravoooooooooooooooo CPY !!!!!!! CPY CPY CPY hoi hoi hoi !!!!!!! Thanks a lot guys, your are awesome

anonymous 2 years ago

Poor man's Fifa

anonymous 2 years ago

a new patch with the transfers any time soon ?

anonymous 2 years ago

Mora novi crack.

anonymous 2 years ago

neznam sta da kazem ovaj pes ide sve u losije godine... nekim klubovima nije tacan naziv i nije tacan naziv igraca..jedan primer  naprimer real madrid ... iskreno nesvidja mi se ... bolji je 2016 po meni

anonymous 1 year ago

Nema ni real madrid u pes 17

anonymous 11 months ago

ima al samo sto su promenili

anonymous 2 years ago

PTE Patch 2017 1.0 is released. With this you get the latest transfers, team logos and many more. Search on Google for download.

anonymous 2 years ago

Stopped working at start,any fix?

anonymous 2 years ago

Koje sranje, krš od porta sa konzole!

anonymous 1 year ago

downloaded,installed copied crack but fail to open .....help me guys

anonymous 2 years ago

WOW, it works great like a charm!     if u can contact me via HP: 085729800322 to buy the game or just the instalation, BY Mr.Joe / Yusuf, Dawe, Kudus. NB: GAME PES 17+ UPDATE DATA PACK (DLC 2.0)cheers 4 everything. unleash your soul by playing the game...         muantap pokokna....

anonymous 2 years ago

Dobar Pes! Radi super

anonymous 1 year ago

I just get a white screen when i try to open the game.

anonymous 1 year ago

Izasao je

anonymous 1 year ago

Kad ce PES 2018 ?

Mopsteras 2 years ago

CPY doesn't have virus this time? Can someone check? The last time it was a trojan and a bitcoin miner there.

Mopsteras 2 years ago

Do you guys think that there is any change for the multiplayer crack in the near future just like with the pes 2016? It's the best footbal game ever far better than fifa

Mopsteras 2 years ago

It's also possible to play online after installing the patch hurray

MaieV. 2 years ago

Well played CPY

revengeyo 2 years ago

why is this over 10gb?? the original game is like 3gb....

Mopsteras 2 years ago

Is it or will it be possible to play multiplayer online with the cracked version like in pes 2016?

Also do you think it would be possible to have this last official pes patch 1.11 working if I make a backup of an exe and crack and then paste it back to the game after patching to the 1.11?

Has anyone with the cracked game tried that?

It would be possible to play online multiplayer with your friends with the original updated datapack will the crack support it? Can someone confirm that the crack could be updated for the online play just like in pes 2016?

deagledeagle 2 years ago

i have to much lag. Everythig i slow.. anyone else with this problem ???

busatto 2 years ago

No virus, works perfect. Just download the crackfix for CPY. (Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 CRACKFIX-CPY).The RIP version is without the other lenguages narration, just english. Thank you for upload.

mathsiel 2 years ago

Skill Training stops game after loading. Anyone else facing same problem?

pile711 2 years ago

@mathsiel Same problem here. Every training I start it just kicks me out.

knifenx 2 years ago

Worked great, TY

TarekElsakka 2 years ago

I have the same problem as @deagledeagle. My PC meets the recommended requirements for the game and it should be enough to run it at full resolution, but the game is just really slow, even at LOW resolution and quality.

Does anyone else have that problem? I haven't applied any cracks/patches besides the one included in the package.

MH780 2 years ago

can I get a little help here,halfway through installation it says file is missing.probably from windows or something

MH780 2 years ago

doest work with windows 10. after installation,it says files missing....... sad.. I even used the crack fix

renansborges 2 years ago

it detected a trojan "generic.mem"

geopso 2 years ago


Reqoo 2 years ago

seed pleaseeeeeeeee

nikoezio 2 years ago

Anyone know if there ever will be a torrent for dishonored 2?

socalborn 2 years ago

I second the multiplayer question..

RalphGCV 2 years ago

Worked Gr8 THX Heromaster

Would love it if you could upload fifa 17 plzz

idanei 2 years ago

i get a Trojan warning... wtf?

mengele0 2 years ago

is there any news on dishonored 2 i have heard that there has been problems with cracking it. but i really want to try it out before i commit to spending hard earned $ on it, thanks

Mu10 2 years ago

Works like a charm

alexendro123 1 year ago

If anyone need, i think this might help /watch?v=8yIoz3DDBdM

alexendro123 1 year ago


Thought this would help

bi-cat 1 year ago


pile711 2 years ago

Nice upload. Thank you. The game installed easily and instructions are very clear and simple. BUT every time I go into training mode the game stops working and kicks me out. Is that something that can be fixed ?

Rodyson 2 years ago

blank white screen on launch fuck this

nikolisx 2 years ago

if you have White screen problem this is the crack-fix i used and worked fine https://www.skidrow-games.com/pro-evolution-soccer-2017-cpy/ http://pasteonline.org/paste.php?id=2091 Love from Greece

Vegan2017 2 years ago

Is online gameplay possible???

chinu69 2 years ago

thanks 4 the game.. somehow it crashes after starting 1st game..Thanks to #nikolisx. bug fixed. Now eagerly waiting for FOR HONOR GAME crack..>

Martaq 2 years ago

Is this real or am I dreaming

micele 2 years ago

is not working

PyR8 2 years ago

installs fine, but then i get white screen when i start the game (i can hear the audio in the background, but no images show up) ---PyR8 8)

cpy-pes2017.iso 11 GB
cpy-pes2017.nfo 9.9 kB
Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017-CPY/cpy-pes2017.iso 11 GB
Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017-CPY/cpy-pes2017.nfo 9.9 kB
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