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Pretty Hard Cases: Jellybeans(2021)

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  • Comedy Action & Adventure
  • Sam and Kelly are forced to team up with the enemy in order to take down an even bigger threat. When their undercover sting takes a dangerous turn, Sam and Kelly must give their best performances yet in order to escape with their lives.



    Guns and Gangs detective Sam Wazowski and Drug Squad detective Kelly Duff.Two radically different female detectives in their early 40s






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    The overview says this is "A fun and honest portrayal of two radically different female detectives in their early 40s following Guns and Gangs detective Sam and Narcotics detective Kelly, who by day are true action heroes in their own particular way: skilled, tough, determined, and ruthless. But by night, they’re both grappling with loneliness, dysfunctional families, screwed-up love lives, and a sense that their professional ambitions may not be totally in line with their personal needs." What a pike of sticking BS and that is being polite. This is basically a revamp of the movie The Heat just now one of the women is black. Yes you have two women one black who thinks she full figured, sassy, and hip! One white who thinks she trim, smart, and headed to the top. In reality you have two women who try to see who can be loudest in the room and annoy the other one the most! There is no redeeming qualities to this show from the CBC, It is as fake as it can be and the CBC has been great at trotting out shows that are poor stores and low quality. As for their life outside if work you have the black one making booty calls and white mom with no idea the trouble her son is getting into! As she is to obsessed with her carrier to even notice. Give this a hard pass unless you have nothing else to watch! I would say you could nap through it, but they yell to much to allow that!



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