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  • Outpost Earth (2019) [WEBRip] [1080p] [YTS.LT]
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  • Outpost Earth 2019 WEBRip 1080p YTS
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Outpost Earth (2019)

  • Horror Science Fiction
  • In a world ravaged by an alien invasion, the final remnants of mankind battle a horde of incredible monsters, spacemen, and a devastating fleet of alien warships bent on wiping out the last vestiges of humanity.



    Monstrous alien creatures have taken over the earth and wiped out most of human civilization. Now a small band of renegade fighters must find the secret to defeating the aliens for the sake of all mankind.

    Outpost Earth (2019) download

    Outpost Earth (2019) download

    Outpost Earth (2019) download

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    7 months ago

    Never judge the book by the cover is what they say, and never judge a movie by one either.Gave this a watch as the cover looked ok and who doesnt like a good old apocalyptic invasion movie.Within 5 seconds it was clear what I had let myself in for, the CGI is woeful and looks like its done at home. Then I skipped forward and came across my first alien, which was a guy in a rubber mask.Couldnt watch any more but if you dont mind amateur movies you might find it amusing in a so bad its good way.

    7 months ago

    The fx, acting, script, editing, camera work are all ridiculously horrendous.Now that that's out of the way..... How the hell does anyone get funding to make a film this bad??? It shouldn't be labelled as sci fi. I've never seen a film that made me hate every character in the first few seconds of seeing them on screen.I had a look at the filmmakers credits and he actually makes crap like this all the time. Wow lol, don't waste a second of your time on this.

    7 months ago

    Inter-dimensional claymation beings invade the earth. We know they are inter-dimensional from the sub-quantum plasma vibration. Their bombs also created a human golem aka "The Day the World Ended" 1955 homage.The special effects are less than the original "King Kong." The characters were Okay but needed desperately needed dialogue.This is a Polonia Brothers production so expect camp, not quality.No swearing, sex, or nudity. Female forced to undress.


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