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  • Old Maps Of The World.
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A truley fantastic collection of 109 old maps covering
every inch of the globe. Ancient maps of superior quality,
ranging from 1.05.MB - 14.6.MB. You will be hard pressed
to find a better free collection in one folder anywhere
on the net. I have included 5 previews greatly reduced in
size for your inspection. I had to reduce the size of the
previews as most host sites will only allow up to 5MB.
Hope you like them. I found them very interesting indeed.

Sizes Range from:

1.05MB 1150 X 1476 - 14.6MB 2405 X 3900

All in jpg format.







Enjoy. And please help to seed.

More at ibit.to
And ibit.uno
And ibit.ws


4 years ago

thank you

4 years ago

I would like to know when the maps were made and by whom. There is no context at all now: all metadata was stripped unfortunately.

4 years ago

Thanks! Good work.

2 years ago

Great! I shall download these and archive them in BPG format. That will surely reduce the size from 800mb to 80mb.

2 years ago

thank you! :-)

1 year ago

brilliant upload




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