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Lynda - Introduction to Photography: Lightroom and Photoshop with Ben Long

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Course Duration:1h 31m Level: Beginner Updated: Feb 29, 2016
| Uploaded in Mar 26, 2016 Via Webcentara

Your work (and play) as a photographer doesn't end when you press the shutter button. With software such as Adobe's high-powered Lightroom and Photoshop apps, you can enhance and transform your photos to fix problems, improve composition and exposure, and so much more.

Where to begin learning tools like these? Right here. In this course, photographer, author, and educator Ben Long introduces the concepts and creative options behind photographic post-processing. From fixing problems to retouching, Ben shows how to do it, without overdoing it, with Lightroom, Photoshop, and the Adobe mobile apps

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Adjust and correct images-471580.mp4 99 MB
Import and organize images-471577.mp4 58 MB
Content-aware scale, retouching, and pixel-level edits-471588.mp4 54 MB
Localized image editing-471587.mp4 49 MB
Keyword, rate, and search images-471579.mp4 40 MB
Photo select decision strategies-471578.mp4 39 MB
Welcome to post-processing-471572.mp4 39 MB
Non-destructive image editing and virtual copies-471581.mp4 36 MB
How to backup images-471583.mp4 36 MB
Understand Photoshop uses-471585.mp4 34 MB
Understand the uses of Lightroom-471576.mp4 33 MB
Understand post-processing means-471573.mp4 33 MB
Explore next steps-471594.mp4 32 MB
Sync and edit images in Lightroom mobile-471592.mp4 29 MB
Add Photoshop to a Lightroom workflow-471586.mp4 25 MB
Understand the uses of mobile apps-471590.mp4 22 MB
Understand the mobile workflow-471591.mp4 18 MB
Export and output options in Lightroom-471582.mp4 14 MB
About post-processing workflow-471574.mp4 12 MB


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