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  • Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion
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Jordan Belfort the 'Wolf of Wall Street' - Straight Line Persuasion Sales System

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5 years ago

Thank you for this upload! After seeing The Wolf of Wall Street and bumping into Jordan Belfort's videos on youtube, I realize what I've missing. This sales education information is the missing link!

5 years ago

SLP is like $2000+ USD after taxes and you can't duplicate that. I've seen a lot of sales training, and most of the time guys are selling common sense for several hundred but SLP is no nonsense. THANK YOU.

5 years ago

Great stuff. Thx for the advice Jordan!

5 years ago

This is amazing! Thank You so much!

5 years ago

I've watched several Belfort's videos on Youtube, but have the complete Straight Line Persuasion System was beyond my expectations! Thank you.

4 years ago


2 years ago

thank you! i love you

2 years ago

Great torrent! Any chance of getting the Script Builder by him? Thanks


01 - 3 Tenets of S.L.P.avi 533 MB
02 - Art Of Prospecting, 5 Keys To Sales Mastery.avi 395 MB
03 - Mastering Tonality, Capture Attention in 4 Seconds.avi 711 MB
04 - Being A Visionary, True Secret To Success.avi 508 MB
05 - Inner Game Of Sales, Forces That Create Lasting Results.avi 444 MB
06 - The S.L.P. System, Master Formula For Controlling The Sale.avi 619 MB
07 - Art Of Qualifying, Asking The Right Questions.avi 770 MB
08 - The Presentation, Power Of The Three 10's.avi 1.0 GB
09 - Power Of Language, Cutting Through To The Close.avi 328 MB
10 - Becoming A Person Of Influence, Create Customers For Life.avi 325 MB
Flash Cards.pdf 3.8 MB
S.L.P. Action Book.pdf 4.6 MB


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