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Irish Jam (2006)

  • Comedy
  • Upon discovering that their town is up for sale, crafty Irish villagers scheme to raise the money to prevent the buy-out. They hold a poetry contest with a tempting grand prize -- the deed to their local pub. But what could happen when a duplicitous American rapper emerges as the best poet around?



    Irish Jam (2006) download

    Irish Jam (2006) download

    Irish Jam (2006) download

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    5 months ago

    Don't know where this little gem came from, or if it ever appeared in any theater, but it tops most of what comes out of Hollywood these days. It's funny, touching, and a sensory feast for the eyes and ears. If you like anything about Ireland, you'll likely enjoy this movie. All of the performances are excellent. Be warned that is does deserve its PG-13 rating, so it may not be family-friendly for all. It's unfortunate that movies like this don't have enough pull to find a profitable audience, but I suppose that's where Blockbuster and the like can have an impact. It's a bit strange that the overall user rating on IMDb is rather low, but most of the reviews are favorable. In this instance, I think the reviews tell the real story. Give this one a try and judge for yourself.

    5 months ago

    When I see Eddie Griffin I was thinking... "Oh God, another vehicle for this modern-day Stepin Fetchit to come and trash in the name of appearing politically correct" WRONG! Eddie as Jimmy McDevitt in the USA was a loser's loser - landlord tosses him and his possessions out, creditors at his back and a psycho lady (played by Mo'Nique, first time I disliked her - good acting) that he jilted is chasing him to the ends of the Earth...He butts up on a newspaper ad that he mistakenly thinks is the Caribbean, and ends up winning an Irish pub - which is where the fun begins! Jimmy getting used to Celtic maudlinery and their style of dancing and cadence of singing. Jimmy slowly getting entangled in a triangle betwixt himself and Anna Friel as Maureen a widowed lass who helps run Finnigan's pub and the man who came up with the idea to auction the pub to save the village from an evil land developer...Also the village's priest is the scene-stealer when he appears! A man of the cloth in leathers for motorcycling and punching when required, so much for pacifism! Lord Hailstock is the furthest thing from Irish you'd expect, totally Anglicised in the vein of a Colonel Blimp type, he ill treats his butler/secretary/manservant - eventually to his cost, when you see! The slow evolution of the romance between Jimmy and Maureen and the misperception of his actions and the deft insight of Maureen's daughter who's a self-inflicted mute after the death of her father combined with the other threads make it fine Celtic Tapestry.

    5 months ago

    Having re-watched this 2021... WOW!It was funny, and the ending by the boat almost made me cry.This kind of love story... you won't find it on "Netflix original" movies.It was kind of predictable, but the journey to that prediction... it wasn't boring.The sole purpose of the movie was comedy with a tinge of romance and it delivered that. It didn't add any unnecessary ingredients just for the sake of it.To think that a movie from 2006 outshines 99% of movies made the last decade... it's sad. What's even more sad is that this is the kind of movie from back then where they weren't even taking themselves serious...


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