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Invasion From Inner Earth (1974)

  • Drama Science Fiction
  • Plane passengers are stranded in the snow at the mercy of an alien death ray.

  • $150,000
  • Description

    A group of young pilots in a remote region of the Canadian wilderness begin to hear strange reports over their radios about planes crashing, cars stalling and adeadly plague which has gripped the planet. It becomes clear that earth is in the midst of an invasion. The group of pilots decide to barracade themselves in acabin deep in the woods and wait for their impending doom.




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    This was REALLY bad and poorly made, and I'm being kinder to it than I should be, both because of its decent first half and the charm and beauty of the starring female protagonist, Debbi Pick (this seems to be her only film credit)--also it was obviously made on a super-low budget in my native country, Canada. There were some interesting ideas that would have made a decent film in much better hands (I have previously watched Rebane's later works, 'The Alpha Incident' and 'Twister's Revenge!', and this makes a 'trinity of tripe' that should best be avoided), and the cinematography is decent, simply because it's outdoors and shot in beautiful surroundings with natural light, most of the time. The low-budget special effects were abysmal, and incidents like plane crashes are simply off-screen and left to the viewer's imagination, so that Rebane doesn't have to show it. I saw this under the title 'They', in my Mill Creek 50-pack, 'Nightmare Worlds'--this by far was one of the worst and least interesting of the bunch. Do yourself a huge favour and if you see Rebane's name on a film (at the very least, for these three mentioned), don't touch them with a ten-foot pole. They're neither worth your time nor energy.



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