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Fierce competition in many industries, megatrends, the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing globalisation and the permanent liberalisation of markets have changed the face of economies and businesses drastically. Companies must establish suitable and long-term strategies and performance criteria in order to survive in this dynamic and hostile environment. This book provides a holistic and practical approach to strategic performance management. It combines all functions of the value chain and contains best practices in performance. The author demonstrates how new paradigms enable companies to concentrate on value-adding activities and processes to achieve a long-term sustainable and competitive advantage. The book contains a variety of best practices, industry examples and case studies. Focusing on best-in-class examples, the book offers the ideal guide for any enterprise to achieve a competitive advantage across all business functions focusing on value-adding activities.
Performance Management as Part of the Corporate Strategy
Performance in Procurement and Supply Management
Performance Management in Operations Management
Strategic Management Tools and Excellence Models
Strategic Management Objectives, KPI, and OKR
Problem-Solving and Performance Management Tools
Performance Management in Sales
Economic Pricing, 3C Pricing, and Cost Estimation Concepts
Audits and Quality Management Systems (QMS)
Business Transformation and Project Management
Performance in Finance Management
Performance Through Kaizen
Performance Management to Focus on Value-Added Activities
Performance Management Excellence Through Change
Innovations as Part of Performance Management

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