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Deliver by Christmas (2020)

  • Romance TV Movie
  • Bakery owner Molly meets Josh, a widower who recently moved to town with his young son, but she is also charmed by a mysterious client whom she’s never met in person and she doesn’t realize that they’re the same man.



    Deliver by Christmas (2020) download

    Deliver by Christmas (2020) download

    Deliver by Christmas (2020) download

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    5 months ago

    This is my 4th Hallmark Christmas movie of the 2020 season. I would put it towards the top of the list. I like the title of another review on here: 'You've got phone'. Indeed, most of the dialogue between the two leads was via their mobile phones. That said, it did not take away from their chemistry, I think. I thought Alvina August was great in this regard. I have not seen Eion Bailey too often in Hallmark films, but his performance was decent. The supporting cast was also very good. Again, the plot/storyline was what I expected from a Hallmark film. The movie provided some Christmas spirit, though not as strong as some of the better Hallmark Christmas films of the past. Overall, a good start to the 2020 Christmas movie season by Hallmark.

    5 months ago

    Two people get to know each other remotely, this time not by email, but at first by text and then on the phone. The story goes through all kinds of situations that nearly bring them together but just miss. In fact, they do physically meet early on but don't put the two things together. Each has a sad and difficult loss in their past romantic lives.The story is charming but lacks significant highs and lows. The story's conflict is mild but threatens to keep them apart. This is Hallmark, so you know how it turns out. Even the resolution is no big thing. Don't get me wrong. It's a sweet story and a decent way to enjoy two hours of TV with your loved one(s).Eion Bailey and Alvina August, neither of whom I remember seeing before (turns out I've seen him once), develop an easy relationship through communication. Imagine that - a relationship based on communication. Even so, there are a couple of disconnects there. Kesler Talbot does a credible job as the young son.The very last scene is a nice touch and a pointed message totally apart from the romance story.

    5 months ago

    Why didn't someone tell Eion Bailey to wash his hair? He's actually quite handsome, but he looks awful here, which detracts from the attraction to the character, making you care less about whether they get together.The producers also try to squeeze in a few too many moralistic messages and it comes across trite and saccharine. If only everyone was as kind and selfless as this town of people, the world would be such a lovely place, but our teeth would all be rotten from the sweetness.I do like that they don't know who they're talking to for a time, although they had met. It's an interesting way to move the story forward.The kids at least are not so sickly as they are sometimes.3ish?


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