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  • Chemtrails Confirmed 2010 William Thomas pdf
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Chemtrails Confirmed (2010) by William Thomas pdf


Contrails fade out, Chemtrails feather out into a milky haze. It is easy to spot the difference!! This is POISON crap they are dumping on us to slowly kill us dumb us down and make us more docile and controllable, Heavy Metals, Barium, Strontium, Aluminum resulting in an epidemic of Alzheimer's, Brain Tumors, Cancer and Dementia, THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN FOLKS YOUR GOVERNMENT IS FUCKING KILLING YOU, RESEARCH "The Georgia Guidestones" THESE BLOOD DRINKING MONSTERS WHO OWN THIS WORLD AND RULE OVER US PLAN TO REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION DOWN TO BELOW 500 MILLION, BILLIONS ARE GOING TO DIE, EVERYONE IS DROPPING LIKE FLIES!! No resistance from most of these fluoridated dumb zombies these days, They do not know how to question a damn thing or think outside the box.. They suffer from cognitive dissonance and stockholm syndrome they love their oppressors they want to tighten the chains and shackles on their ankles they do not want to break free from this matrix low frequency wavelength slave plantation prison, we should all be uniting against the damn parasites men in black storm the castle lynch the bastards these are OUR lands, BURN THEIR BANKS DOWN, Fuck the Jewish Bankers!!!! BURN THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!! WE THE PEOPLE HOLD THE TRUE POWER YOU ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS WE ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES!!!! TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY OUT OF THEIR BANKS AND STOP PAYING THEIR TAXES, GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC NON-GMO HEIRLOOM SEED GARDEN AND SHARE WITH YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY/NEIGHBORS, MAKE YOUR COMMUNITY SELF-SUFFICIENT!! STOCK UP ON MORE GUNS AND AMMUNITION, GET READY TO ANNIHILATE THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND THEIR THUGS, THEY CANNOT KILL US ALL!!!! BURN AMERICAN AND ISRAELI FLAGS WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM, THEY ARE SYMBOLS OF OPPRESSION AND TYRANNY, THE UNITED STATES AND ISRAEL ARE THE 2 BIGGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, THEY ARE THE 2 GREAT SATAN'S OF THE WORLD THEY MUST BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH FOR THEIR ILLEGAL IMMORAL WAR CRIMES, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND TREASON TO THE PEOPLE!! THE TRAITORS MUST HANG, LET'S JUST HOPE THERE IS ENOUGH ROPE TO HANG ALL THE TRAITORS!! This world is !Censoreded it's time to fight back, RISE UP SLAVES AREN'T YOU TIRED OF HAVING YOUR WORLD POISONED AND CHILDREN MURDERED WE ARE BEING SO HELD DOWN AND POLICED. THIS IS A DAMN POLICE STATE, Fuck the Police they are your ENEMY treat them as such, FIGHT BACK IN ANY WAY, LEGAL AND ILLEGAL FUCK IT STOP PLAYING BY THEIR RULES.. This system is rigged!!

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Chemtrails Confirmed (2010) by William Thomas pdf.pdf 59 MB


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