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Batwoman: Pilot(2019)

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  • Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy Mystery Crime
  • Kate Kane returns to Gotham when a gang targets her father and her ex-girlfriend Sophie Moore.



    Kate Kane seeks justice for Gotham city as Batwoman.



    date: Sun Oct 06 2019

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    It would be nice to see entertainment used to do just that, entertain. Regrettably, in the last few years, it seems much of what we see is about indoctrination. Batwoman is yet another case in question. For me it has a political message about feminism and lesbianism that's been so overcooked its like great great granddad's beef jerky from the Civil War. Worse still, with the need to push a message the one thing it forgot to do was be engaging, interesting and simply put, enjoyable. It has action scenes which are competently done but little else here resonates. In summary, I found this one tired, boring, lecturing, trite. Wont be watching!!!! 3/10.

    It was a rather decent show, with Elseworlds providing a backdoor pilot for it. Unfortunately, it is rather sad to hear that Ruby Rose left the show. I suppose there were secret hints throughout the last few episodes suggesting Rose's departure. And to be honest, the final episode of season 1 felt anti-climatic, in comparison to the other DC shows. Such a shame. Batwoman was the first gay superhero courtesy of the CW. The action, the cast, the plot twists, they were brilliant. I wonder how season 2 will look?


    10 months ago

    why are they even trying with this garbage.

    10 months ago

    Yeah you know when ppl sometimes say they want lost time back... in this case you probably ask for electricity you spend watching this back. 255 votes on imdb and 2,8/10 did even some actors and crew gave low votes on this. To be honest, I would rather watch paint dry.

    10 months ago

    just seen it. Whilst RT is 80%. Go figure. I wonder which is closer to the truth? Only one way to find out. Guess its download time.

    10 months ago

    LOL that low imdb rating

    anonymous 10 months ago

    Yeah, it's not like there ever was a bunch of trolls that attacked a movie/show on IMDb before just because it hurt their fragile ego's..

    anonymous 10 months ago

    Stf you arent white and noone is attacking you cause of you skin color while in usa that is what is happening just cause Donald is leader that doesnt have anything with ego.

    10 months ago

    hey lets create a superhero show because theses are popular but we dont wanna pay for copyright for a real superhero so we gonna make one like batwoman


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