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All5 Beheading Foley Sotloff Henning Haines Kassig ISIS ISIL CIA

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Alan Henning beheading.mp4
Beheading Satire.avi
David Haines beheading.mp4
James Foley - Decoding a Death, Gaddafi Sodomized.mp4
James Foley beheading.mp4
Peter Kassig beheading.mp4
Steven Sotloff beheading.mp4

Because if they didn't fake-snuff some white guys,
it's sad to say that almost none of you would care.

You are the target audience, the goals are obvious:

- Scare you into paying war-taxes.
- Keep us divided and conquered.
- Excuse to test and sell weapons.
- Demonize Islam, and religion in general.
- Destabilize and break-up Middle-Eastern nations.
- Encourage Israel to expand it's undeclared borders.
- Impoverish nations, enslave people to usury.
- Control energy resources and pipelines.
- Satan's temple, World War III,
and the final solution for 6.66 billion people.

Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You to Know

globalresearch DOT ca/libya-ten-things-about-gaddafi-they-dont-want-you-to-know/5414289

Andrea Bocelli's Statue Of Liberty Concert (DVD9)


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David Haines beheading.mp4 32 MB
Steven Sotloff beheading.mp4 44 MB
James Foley - Decoding a Death, Gaddafi Sodomized.mp4 7.0 MB
Peter Kassig beheading.mp4 241 MB
Beheading Satire.avi 167 MB
Alan Henning beheading.mp4 5.0 MB
James Foley beheading.mp4 21 MB


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