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Environmental sustainability is a vital topic that emphasizes the protection of environmental reserves/resources and their conservation for future generations. Environmental sustainability is a sensitive matter that guides all aspects of life. The development of a community with environmental consciousness for the management of resources, renewable energy, and protection of air and water quality highlights the concept of sustainable development. The focus should be made on development to meet the needs of people without compromising or harshening life for future generations. However, it is challenging to maintain the environment with growing urbanization. Therefore, the practice of the concept of sustainable development is the way forward for a fairer world without damage to the environment. In relation to all aspects of our lives, it needs ideas and initiatives to promote certain vital projects for a sustainable environment, including the recycling of valuable resources.
E-Waste Management
Waste Prevention: Its Impact and Analysis
Smart Waste Bin Using AI, Big Data Analytics and IoT
Artifcial Intelligence and Reducing Food Waste during Harvest and Post-Harvest Processes
IoT-Enabled Services for Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management in India
IoT-Enabled Smart Dustbin
IoT-Based Smart Waste Management for Smart Cities
Serverless IoT Architecture for Smart Waste Management Systems
IoT in Hospital Solid Waste Generation and Management
A Fast Garbage Classifcation Model Based on Deep Learning

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