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(2020) Jason Simon - A Venerable Wreck

…back in 2001, Jason Simon (as part of his still extant band Dead Meadow) recorded one for John Peel in Fugazi’s home studio. An energetic mix of psychedelia and heavy rock, Dead Meadow settled into a career of stoner rock. Simon has had a parallel career of solo, more experimental music, and from the very first heavily percussive banjo strike on the opening track ‘The Same Dream’, strongly announces that this is music from the backwoods of America. The banjo, perhaps the most divisive instrument of americana, is loud, dominant and heavily amplified, providing a brilliant, strong opening, almost sitar in effect. Nothing else on this album is as distinct or striking, as Simon wanders into a hinterland which is less Deliverance and more cosmic. A lifetime of guitar-work shows with the many pedal effects, flange, wah-wah etc, which increase in prominence as the record progresses. There is though a sense of hold back, a restraint from pushing too far into his band’s territory. ‘The Old Ones’ goes deep with its multi-tracking, echo and dub balanced with its cutting guitar itself cut up, but at 5’33’’ seems far too short, an epic potential curtailed. Title track ‘A Venerable Wreck’ is also dubby with its swampy feel. Final track ‘Without Reason or Right’ suggests tex-mex before reverb takes over to finish the album powerfully and sweetly. HMS Venerable was the victorious flagship in the Battle of Camperdown, but later was wrecked in a gale, many of the crew found to be intoxicated. A Venerable Wreck survives intact, a journey towards the interior to drift into.

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[americana, indie-rock] (2020) Jason Simon - A Venerable Wreck [ -
01 - The Same Dream.flac 21 MB
02 - See What It Takes.flac 16 MB
03 - Snowflakes Are Dancing.flac 18 MB
04 - Red Dust.flac 26 MB
05 - Moments of Peace.flac 21 MB
06 - Jupiter.flac 15 MB
07 - A Venerable Wreck.flac 18 MB
08 - The Old Ones.flac 30 MB
09 - No Entrance No Exit.flac 27 MB
10 - Door Wont Shut Blues.flac 20 MB
11 - Hollow Lands.flac 16 MB
12 - Without Reason or Right.flac 22 MB
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