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Released by SubsPlease group. We strive for consistent and fast English subbed releases, basically a better HorribleSubs replacement. You should be able to always count on us. Currently seeding with 10gbit/s of bandwidth, but still looking for more dedicated seeders! Please seed!

Please let us know if there are any issues with the file!

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7 months ago

What's with the insane amount of leechers?

7 months ago

Erm, the 720p version won't download even when there seem to be seeds. The 1080p version works fine...

7 months ago

There aren't any seeders because the file wasn't even seeded to begin with, you can tell because the tracker is reporting that there have been zero downloads. All of those "seeders" are harmful clients that are reporting false info to the tracker.

Nice going, better HorribleSubs replacement.

7 months ago

dove will fix it eventually. Just get 1080p or wait.

7 months ago

It's working again! Thanks!


[SubsPlease] Takt Op. Destiny - 03 (720p) [F1801AAC].mkv 702 MB


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