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  • [Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) Discography / Collection [6 CDs] [MP3]
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  • Nemuri JUNNA 2017 2019 Discography Collection CDs MP3
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[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) Discography / Collection [6 CDs] [MP3]

Every of my torrent comes from original CDs that I have bought (or that my friends lent me). If you check my torrents and you don’t find an artist or anime you are looking for, it means that nether I or my friends have those CDs. I don’t create discographies on commission, I’m sorry. If you find any other errors or oversights, please let me know. They will be corrected at the next torrent’s update. Thank you for your collaboration.

Ver. [2020.05.23] - [2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai! - [2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here - [2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。 - [2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。 - [2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ - [2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ

NOTE: in the “comments” section of the files I entered “Ripped by Nemuri & Menelkir”. This is because all the collections I upload are created together with Menelkir, which was also the name of our old NYAA account, when the site was still called “nyaa.se” (before it suddenly closed). Even today, you can find here some torrents signed [Menelkir] which, however, are managed by the site itself, and are obsolete versions without seeds.

JUNNA is the stage name of Sakai Junna 境純菜 and she is the main vocalist of the unit Walküre ワルキューレ (from "Macross Δ マクロスΔ") - For Walküre ワルキューレ (2016-2018) Discography / Collection [MP3] go there: https://nyaa.si/view/1188517

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[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/01. Vai! Ya! Vai!.mp3 9.6 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/02. JINXXX.mp3 8.7 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/03. Catch Me.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/04. 火遊び.mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/05. 大人は判ってくれない.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/06. Shooting Star.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/07. Vai! Ya! Vai! [instrumental].mp3 9.6 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/08. JINXXX [instrumental].mp3 8.7 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/09. Catch Me [instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/10. 火遊び [instrumental].mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/11. 大人は判ってくれない [instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/12. Shooting Star [instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.06.21] JUNNA|Vai! Ya! Vai!/cover.jpg 123 kB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here/01. Here.mp3 10 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here/02. Steppin' Out.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here/03. ソラノスミカ.mp3 13 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here/04. Here [instrumental].mp3 9.7 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here/05. Steppin' Out [instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here/06. ソラノスミカ [instrumental].mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2017.11.01] JUNNA|Here/cover.jpg 65 kB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。/01. 紅く、絶望の花。.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。/02. 赤い果実.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。/03. わたしだけの地図 ~Shooting Star~.mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。/04. 紅く、絶望の花。[instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。/05. 赤い果実 [instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。/06. わたしだけの地図 ~Shooting Star~ [instrumental].mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.07.18] JUNNA|紅く、絶望の花。/cover.jpg 420 kB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/01. Steppin' Out ~extended version~.mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/02. 狂ったカンヴァス.mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/03. 紅く、絶望の花。.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/04. 本当のことは言わない.mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/05. やってられないよ.mp3 8.9 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/06. Be Your Idol.mp3 10 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/07. 世界を蹴飛ばせ!.mp3 9.3 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/08. 情熱モラトリアム.mp3 7.8 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/09. もうヤダ!.mp3 9.9 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/10. 赤い果実.mp3 10 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/11. Here ~album version~.mp3 9.8 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/12. CONTRAST.mp3 12 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2018.10.31] JUNNA|17才が美しいなんて、誰が言った。/cover.jpg 89 kB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ/01. コノユビトマレ.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ/02. ともだちと呼べる幸せ.mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ/03. Sky.mp3 8.7 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ/04. コノユビトマレ [instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ/05. ともだちと呼べる幸せ [instrumental].mp3 11 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ/06. Sky [instrumental].mp3 8.7 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.01.23] JUNNA|コノユビトマレ/cover.jpg 44 kB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ/01. イルイミ.mp3 9.8 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ/02. We are.mp3 8.2 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ/03. Believe In Myself.mp3 10 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ/04. イルイミ [instrumental].mp3 9.8 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ/05. We are [instrumental].mp3 8.2 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ/06. Believe In Myself [instrumental].mp3 10 MB
[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (2017-2019) [MP3]/[2019.07.24] JUNNA|イルイミ/cover.jpg 190 kB


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