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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: The Signal to Begin the Banquet(2021)

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  • Animation Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comedy
  • Rimuru continues with preparations for Walpurgis, including making Treyni evolve into a Dryas Doll Dryad. Meanwhile, Benimaru and his forces have arrived in Eurazania via transport magic, and they promptly run Clayman's army into a trap set by Geld. The Three Beastketeers, determined to rescue Carrion, set out to subdue the enemy army's leader. Albis fights one-on-one with Yamza of the Five Fingers, while Phobio takes on Footman and Tear.



    A dual-audio remux featuring Asakura's release with Funimation’s English audio with an accompanying signs & songs subtitle track.



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    Summarized, a human gets reincarnated as a slime in a new fantasy-like universe => the slime has almost godlike-powers and uses that power to create a stable society of different types of monsters. Sounds absolutely screwed-up (as it often happens in J-anime) but I admit that I absolutely loved the first 66% of the show (something like adapt + forge alliances + grow + learn + some complications). Unluckily for the remaining 33% the story staggered and lost focus (same overall feeling as with "Bleach" if you know what I mean) - not sure what will happen after this first season (if a 2nd one will be produced).

    It's like a previous reviewer said, this animation started out ok. And the fact it's an anime and included good comedy at the right time got it a lot of points with me. But my enthusiasm soon boiled down to a simmer. The fan service is okay. But it is not enough to carry the show or hold interest for long. As the show goes on in episodes, the fan service begins to give the series that feel of it being undecided to what kind of Rating it falls under. Me no likey confusion. Me no likey teasing either. My last con critique about the series is about the main character "itself." That is another point of contention with how I viewed this show. Here in the western society comic books & animations are being plagued by Liberal ideals: same sex relationships, females in male roles - not just positions - but actual cultural male roles, androgynous drawn characters, and stated social standings of characters being "non-binary" and other such liberal nonsense. All of which are poison to good story telling. I find myself backing away from this series as the lead character is put in such liberal standing by the writers, who go through the character's current state which is post his death as a fully grown human male. (In short, they shoe-horned in a liberal stance of the character being "non-binary" because slimes can be whatever they want.) How do I know this?? Easy. Because the main character started out as a fully grown adult male, and (after his death under plot armor) the writers switched him into a loli based character (a Tween with adult thinking process). A character, mind you, which they eventually have him take the form of a young female ally who passed away. And the question becomes, "Why in the world would a grown man want to turn himself into a being that looks like a 14 year old young woman when he KNOWS he can turn himself into a fully grown adult male??" As Critical Drinker from Youtube would say, "...DON'T KNOW!!" But with that realization, and the weak teasing fan service, I (as a male) quickly lost interest in the show. A story has to make sense. And this had gone quite a bit off the rails. But, I will say it IS entertaining. So this series can very well be a Go or NO-Go; depending on what you are looking for. - Peace! -



    [LostYears] That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - S02E19 (WEB 1080p x265 10-bit AAC) [0DB44C7E].mkv 1.0 GB


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