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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War: Miko Iino Can't Love (1) / Students Wish to Discuss the Culture Festival / Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Blow It Up(2022)

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  • Comedy Animation Drama
  • While all the classes were consumed in preparation for Shuchiin Academy's Hoshin Culture Festival, Shirogane and those from Class 2-B were working hard at making balloon art. As Fujiwara delicately puts finishing touches on a cute balloon bear, the clumsy Shirogane keeps popping them no matter how many times he tries. The sound of balloons popping echoes sadly in the classroom. But Fujiwara, who has joined Shirogane's special training many times up until now, hardens her heart and decides not to help this time. To overcome this without the help of others, Shirogane heads to the student council room for practice. However, Kaguya is in the room...



    A dual-audio remux of GJM’s video & subtitles along with English audio from Funimation and Japanese audio from Amazon with an accompanying signs & songs subtitle track.

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