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WEB-DL from Crunchyroll

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4 months ago

Why is there no ep 11? Is this ep 11 but you named it worng? Or am i just that stupid and can t find it

4 months ago

He didn't do it because his buddy did it in his absence last week.

So get it here:

4 months ago

Rebel (my discord mod) had did it in my place since I was AFK when the stuff came out last week.

If you just want my name for your files though, I'mma do a batch shortly, so can get 11+12 there.

4 months ago

oh ok thank you very much :)


My Next Life as a Villainess - All Routes Lead to Doom! - S01E12 (1080p CR WEB-DL -KS-).mkv 1.3 GB


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