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  • Animation Comedy Action & Adventure Crime
  • In order for parents to attend one of the social gatherings at Eden College, their children need to be Imperial Scholars, but Anya hating to study makes this rather difficult. Loid then comes up with a plan to get Anya to get Stella Stars by doing community service rather than with her academics. But when she ends up volunteering at a hospital, she continuously messes up. Later, she hears a child drowning in a pool with her telepathy and...




    Title: Spy x Family - S01E11 HEVC 10bit SoftSubbed - 1920 x 1080 Encoded by: Judas Team Source: Erai-raws (1.38 GB)

    Audio: Japanese Subtitles: English - Portuguese(Brazil) - Spanish(Latin_America) - Spanish - Arabic - French - German - Italian - Russian - Thai - Indonesian - Vietnamese

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    This show is basically the worst aspects of Fullmetal Alchemist and Gintama rolled into one. Pass for me.

    Based off the Best Selling Manga of the same name, _SPY X FAMILY_ cements itself at the top of the Spring 2022 Anime Season. The show, consisting of a spy, assassin and telepath unknowingly forming a normal, everyday family, constantly evokes laughs. The animation is beautiful and draws the viewer deeper into this world of schemes and drama. A classic in the making, _SPY X FAMILY_ is a show anime fans will be talking about for years to come.

    I feel like the other reviewer that gave this a 1 is lost, this show is nothing like the shows he mentioned, nor does it try to be, it doesn't even fit the same genre or targeted age group.. The show itself is pretty funny, and well worth a watch, even if at first you may think it seems somewhat childish, it's a very wholesome show with still plenty of exciting moments and funny moments, I would've given the show an above average score, but I'll give it the max score instead to even out the weird score our lost reviewer gave it (either that or he never actually watched the show)



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