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5 months ago

A Second season is coming .... yaaay

5 months ago

I quite Like This New Trend Of Announcing Sequels At The End Of Series.

Guess Now We Don't Have To wait For Years In Hope For Sequels Of Some Good Series.

5 months ago

Dr Stone turned out really good. The first 6 episodes were bad. Almost stopped watching. But after then, the show has been super enjoyable to watch. Gonna miss it on my Fridays/Saturdays.

5 months ago

was ready to continue from the Manga now that this is getting s2 there is no need

5 months ago

Which chapter of manga we should start reading?

5 months ago

try from chapter 60+ I think somwhere around there

5 months ago

it covers the first 7 volumes.

5 months ago



[HorribleSubs] Dr. Stone - 24 [720p].mkv 711 MB


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