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And with that Railgun's Daihaseisai finally comes to an end... after 15+ weeks of absolute torture of course not to mention the upcoming mega ultra SUPER delay pushing the broadcast all the way to fuckin September man Year of Railgun my ass we could've had a tease for the NT anime at this point...

Aside from the filler this was a fair conclusion and even added bonus scenes for Shokuhou and Kouzaku so i can't exactly say no to that.

Speaking of which, if you aren't familiar with our M.O yet, please look forward to the Arc Compilation i plan to upload before the Dream Ranker arc starts. Those will have the corrected versions since I'm 100% sure the typos there are ridiculous so please look forward to that.

Anyway, thanks as always to @phantasm_nohma and @Terumi_Tenjou for helping with the pre-editing and QC.

As always dont forget to share and seed if you enjoyed this. If you wanna see more or know when I'm working on an episode or just wanna reach out to me, I'm always up on @anopocrypha or @HlidskjalfHQ Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!

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[Gremlin] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T - 15 [720p].mkv 702 MB


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