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Datania: a city in the far future where people live like machines: no emotions, just doing their job, as ordered. One day, Shuu starts to feel. Driven by a desire to see the sea, he escapes Datania and meets people who live outside the system. But these people are hunted down by the rulers of Datania. When all hope seems lost, a savior appears: Eightron, a mysterious robotic creatures with amazing powers. But where did it come from, and why is it helping our heroes?

Well, I'm back. Again. Why, you may ask? Well, recently I spoke with a fellow very similar to me. Someone who used to upload things for people, but who stopped because he go sick of it. He said he was sick of people being entitled and saying mean things to him, so he just uploaded things for his small circle of friends. I didn't want to be like that. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what random person 23.232 on the internet says. Uploading something costs me nothing. I've already made it, my computer is on anyways and it may make someone a little bit happier. So why not? I hope this guy learns to trust people again, but if not, that's life. I learned something from interacting with him, so I thank him for it. Amazing what you can learn by looking at yourself through someone else.

So here's DT Eightron. A pretty interesting show that has only one release of debatable video quality. Subs are from Shinnew.

Anyway, I've been making stuff all this time. I don't know if people still care about 720p BD releases, but I stand my ground that for most shows that is enough.

Oh, and if you're thinking "Wait, this isn't how this looked last time I was here", you're right. I accidentally hit the "delete torrent" button when I wanted to edit the old upload. Yup, I am oficially THAT dumb. Good thing I still had a copy of the torrent. I've also blocked that button, so I don't do it again.

More at ibit.to
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Yup, cause I'm stupid and deleted it.


Booklet/Booklet 01.jpg 17 MB
Booklet/Booklet 02.jpg 18 MB
Booklet/Booklet 03.jpg 15 MB
Booklet/Booklet 04.jpg 16 MB
Booklet/Booklet 05.jpg 16 MB
Booklet/Booklet 06.jpg 16 MB
Booklet/Booklet 07.jpg 17 MB
Booklet/Booklet 08.jpg 16 MB
Booklet/Booklet 09.jpg 17 MB
Booklet/Booklet 10.jpg 17 MB
Booklet/Booklet 11.jpg 16 MB
Booklet/Booklet 12.jpg 14 MB
Booklet/01 Front Cover.jpg 8.6 MB
Booklet/02 Side Cover.jpg 2.3 MB
Booklet/03 Rear Cover.jpg 8.4 MB
Booklet/04 Top Cover.jpg 918 kB
Booklet/05 Bottom Cover.jpg 2.0 MB
Booklet/06 Inside Cover.jpg 9.4 MB
Booklet/07 Label.jpg 5.9 MB
Booklet/Disc 1.jpg 3.0 MB
Booklet/Disc 2.jpg 2.9 MB
Booklet/Disc 3.jpg 3.2 MB
Booklet/Disc 4.jpg 3.2 MB
Booklet/Disc 5.jpg 3.3 MB
Booklet/Disc 6.jpg 3.0 MB
Booklet/01 - Out Of Datania.mkv 1.6 GB
Booklet/01 - Out Of Datania.srt 20 kB
Booklet/02 - Reset Off.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/02 - Reset Off.srt 21 kB
Booklet/03 - Life Side's Wall.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/03 - Life Side's Wall.srt 20 kB
Booklet/04 - Kill The Datanian.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/04 - Kill The Datanian.srt 24 kB
Booklet/05 - Delete Key.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/05 - Delete Key.srt 22 kB
Booklet/06 - Escape From Datania.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/06 - Escape From Datania.srt 22 kB
Booklet/07 - Returners.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/07 - Returners.srt 27 kB
Booklet/08 - In The Life Side.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/08 - In The Life Side.srt 24 kB
Booklet/09 - Fang Of The Tank-Cemetery.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/09 - Fang Of The Tank-Cemetery.srt 18 kB
Booklet/10 - The Guns And Oldies.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/10 - The Guns And Oldies.srt 20 kB
Booklet/11 - Illusion Diving.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/11 - Illusion Diving.srt 26 kB
Booklet/12 - So Long....mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/12 - So Long....srt 20 kB
Booklet/13 - Night Of Humanity.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/13 - Night Of Humanity.srt 22 kB
Booklet/14 - The Fog Island.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/14 - The Fog Island.srt 20 kB
Booklet/15 - Love Song.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/15 - Love Song.srt 17 kB
Booklet/16 - Garden's Rule.mkv 1.5 GB
Booklet/16 - Garden's Rule.srt 17 kB
Booklet/17 - Fish's Kiss.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/17 - Fish's Kiss.srt 22 kB
Booklet/18 - Dr. Genesis.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/18 - Dr. Genesis.srt 25 kB
Booklet/19 - Wind Of Datania.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/19 - Wind Of Datania.srt 20 kB
Booklet/20 - Boy Meets Girl.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/20 - Boy Meets Girl.srt 22 kB
Booklet/21 - Brothers In Amaurote.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/21 - Brothers In Amaurote.srt 24 kB
Booklet/22 - Juddy And Roady.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/22 - Juddy And Roady.srt 24 kB
Booklet/23 - Long Good-By.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/23 - Long Good-By.srt 20 kB
Booklet/24 - Return To Datania.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/24 - Return To Datania.srt 19 kB
Booklet/25 - Seven Days.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/25 - Seven Days.srt 23 kB
Booklet/26 - Heaven's Friends.mkv 1.3 GB
Booklet/26 - Heaven's Friends.srt 20 kB


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